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Pigs are not meant to Fly

last sunday, hubby and i decided we would check out the new eastwood mall to see what all the hype was about. we heard that the cinema was peachy and resolved to watch angels and demons there. we found only a couple of seats left at cinema 7 all of which were front row so we decided to just get seats at another hall.

cinema 7 was labeled ultra, although i dont exactly know why its called that as i lost interest in asking the girl behind the counter because she obviously was just interested in selling me our tickets already as she looked like she was too engrossed in her conversation with another ticket girl -dont you just hate it when people behind the counter are like that?! i did see that it only had a few seats as shown by the monitor when we tried to reserve seats. anyone know how different this cinema hall is from the others? lazy boy seats maybe?

anyway, when we entered cinema 4 we saw that it was much smaller than the ones we usually go to in rockwell. as i sat in our middle choice seats, i realized that the small cinema hall was very nice, red plush walls, seats that recline to a certain degree, and nice new floors! it was placed at the top of my list of where to see good movies.

after a satisfying trip to the cinema, hubby and i decided to have dinner, it was a toss up between mythai and flying pig and because the weather was too hot for spicy food, we decided to follow our carnivore instinct and headed to flying pig.

it had a laid back ambiance with quirky posters on the walls

we ordered sashimi because i was craving for raw fish

this was not exceptional really, the maguro was not the melt in your mouth kind, but hey, i ordered fish in a pork restaurant so i was very forgiving

the sashimi plate called a duo, had a teriyaki laden maguro portion which was…well, different definitely, but nothing i would crave for

we also ordered ilocandia carbonara, as hubby was craving for white sauce pasta

this was warm and creamy with a slightly unorthodox taste, we realized it was probably the the famous sausage from the north and hence, the name ilocandia carbonara…again, it was different but not a wow

for the main dish of the meal, we ordered a half slab of baby back ribs in honey and pomegranate basting with cheddar mashed potato on the side

the rack was meaty and the flavor tasty but it was not the fall off the bone i had imagined it to be. although it didnt really state in the menu “fall of the bone baby back”, i had just expected that it would be a standard. the dish was not bad but far from exceptional either.

now comes the saddest part of dinner…
i always want to try new restaurants’ desserts, but with the mediocre dishes hubby and i tasted, we decided to just make a safe choice of creme brulee (although ive heard, its not really easy to make this).

hmmm, looks good i thought, but the goodness just stayed in my thoughts…

the plain creme brulee was bready, full of holes and had water in it as if it had been in the fridge for quite some time *tearful*

the chocolate creme brulee had very coarse nuts on top of, again, a bready consistency of what was supposed to be creamy dessert, ive tasted better brownies…

and this last version had a hint of mango but i was just too sad to even care…

lets just face it, i guess pigs are not really meant to fly…


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  1. I’ve already read comments from other blogs and even saw it 2x when we went to Eastwood mall but haven’t tried it yet. Thank you for sharing your direct and honest comments.
    There are so many other restos there to choose from.
    I’ll probably pass on this one.

    Comment by docgelo | May 27, 2009 | Reply

  2. I’ve been to Eastwood Mall 3x already and have been seeing this restaurant. I believe the resto is owned by the same owners of Red Crab. I haven’t tried dining here though as I wasn’t too eager to. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t appeal to me. Thanks for sharing with us your experience. I was tearful too when I learned about the runny Creme Brulee. I’m just baffled whenever I hear a bad Creme Brulee because the dish is really supposed to be easy to make. Oh well.

    I’ll try the cinema too. Yeah, I agree with their ticket people not being courteous and all. Thanks again!

    Comment by dyosa | May 29, 2009 | Reply

  3. hi doc and dyosa, good for you guys for staying clear of this place, there are definitely better restos to dine in.

    dyosa you’re back from your trip! i cant wait to see your food finds!

    Comment by mrs lavendula | May 29, 2009 | Reply

  4. I love reading your blog, especially for all the restaurants you go to! It may be a loooooong time before we get to return to the Philippines but at least I can tell my mom and titas where to go – they’re always on the lookout for new places. Sorry this ‘Flying Pig’ never got off the ground but I have to say that the ilocandia carbonara (at least) looks pretty good!

    Comment by Tangled Noodle | June 2, 2009 | Reply

    • Thank you Tangled Noodle! Im pleased that my hobby can actually be of use to others! Yes, the carbonara is a dish to try if you must eat here (stress on the “if you must” -hahaha!). Its creamy texture and uncommon flavor brought about by the Ilocos sausage is interestingly different.

      Comment by mrs lavendula | June 3, 2009 | Reply

  5. Thanks for the review on flying pig. Not very encouraging, and I’m relieved to have read your post on it. We almost ate there but for the fact that my son wasn’t in the mood for pork.

    Comment by derdo | June 28, 2009 | Reply

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