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A Delikatesse for Breakfast

i got up early this morning because i wanted to surprise hubby with a sandwich to take to work. i had gone grocery shopping the other day and found a pack of good looking pastrami on the grocery shelves which i decided to buy.

i asked our house help to cook scrambled eggs so that i could use it in the sandwich when i got up.


i took two slices of honey oat loaf, a slice of pastrami and some onion-scrambled eggs and wha-lah! its really a no brainer! hahaha!  i didnt want to put any other condiments in the sandwich because i wanted the taste of the pastrami to dominate.


pastrami is one of the popular delicatessen meats and is usually made of red meat, salted, dried, seasoned, and smoked. i just love smoked meat and this is why i love this deli favorite.


after wrapping hubby’s pastrami sandwich i went back to bed and pretended to be asleep. when hubby was all ready to go to work, he approached the bed to give me my morning goodbye kiss. i told him i’d see him later and when he was about to step out the door of our room, i told him not to forget his sandwich. he was pretty surprised that i had gotten up to make him sandwich but rolled over laughing when he found out i just “assembled” the sandwich (as someone else cooked the eggs).  well, its the thought that counts! *wink*

oh yeah, i did “assemble” another pastrami sandwich for myself when i got up for real and happily munched on the wonderful peppery smoked meat.  it was really a delicious breakfast!


May 13, 2009 Posted by | Meandering | 1 Comment