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La Vie En Rose

Literal translation: The Life in Pink
Meaning: Life is happy.

On the contrary, im having a not so good week. I’ve been sick since the weekend, a bad cough that just wont go away and the worst thing is, i lost my voice so i’ve lost a couple of days of work! *!@?!?!!*

But at least, i do have something to be happy about

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Weekend Food Choices Week 24: A European Weekend

No hubby did not take me to Europe for the weekend (how i wish!) *snicker*

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Of Love for Breakfast and Films

I do love breakfast as much as i love feature films!
Last night hubby and i watched 500 Days of Summer and i LOVED IT!

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ive never been a fan of jim carey, well, because i find him too over acting (i know, i know, that’s his job for goodness sake!) but tonight, hubby got free passes to Yes Man and because the reviewer had nothing better to do, a trip to the movies it was.

armed with my signature hot chocolate (non fat, no whip, extra hot), we took our seats and well, we laughed our heads off!  it was, surprisingly, a good movie!  it was funny without over doing it.  i particularly loved this jumper song scene

positively themed movies are definitely what i need these days.  i guess no matter how far you’ve gone up the career ladder, there are still experiences that will scare you and render you feeling pretty much the opposite of confident!

last weekend we went to see bedtime stories.  in contrast to jim carey, i like all of adam sandlers movies.

bedtime stories was pretty subdued but still a good watch.

after the movie we went to try kenny roasters at the power plant.

wait a sec, its not like we’ve never eaten kenny’s before, in fact it used to be a staple when makati was our “unwind place” back in college (talk about history!), but ive always been intrigued with kenny’s at power plant because, well, it looks different from the line up and order kenny’s and the menu sported some new dishes.

kenny's roaster and grill power plant

kenny's roaster and grill power plant


the crew was pretty busy but we were seated right away and our orders taken as soon as we were ready.

as we waited for our orders they us served corn bread

kennys-2this tasted just like the corn muffins of the original kenny rogers roasters but in a different shape.

our seafood chowder came first


kenny's seafood chowder

i liked this creamy concoction especially because the chef was not stingy with the seafood. there were clams, shrimps and fish fillet pieces among others.

my philly cheese steak sandwich was served next

kenny's philly cheese steak sandwich

kenny's philly cheese steak sandwich

the meat was pretty good, it was cut thinly with just the right amount of fat. i did however wish there were more cheese and that the bread was not whole wheat. it didnt really go well.

the chips were however crispy good.

kenny's freshly fried chips

kenny's freshly fried chips

their chips are supposedly made fresh.

hubby’s order of lamb came next

kenny's grilled lamb

kenny's grilled lamb

it was a good subject for my LX3 but we had better tasting lamb. maybe we should have just stuck to the place’s specialty (chicken!)

despite some disappointments in our ordered dishes, we did however enjoy their service.  the head waiter eagerly attended to our needs and seemed like he was on top of everything, a far cry from “across the counter service” of the original restaurant.

so kudos to kenny’s roast and grill!  a few tweaks in the non chicken dishes would definitely be added asset!

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Hirtia va fi albastra


the paper will be blue

this was unexpectedly a good film.  the approach of a flashback of a tragic ending being the first scene was genius!  yet the end shows a whole different point of view of the same tragic ending… hirtia va fi albastra was not heard!

my favorite character was Lt. Neagu.  he is the leader of the group of militia which the story revolves around.  why?  because he is the leader yet transparently cares for his men as seen by his efforts to locate costi one of his subordinates who, fired with patriotic fervor, ran off to fight for freedom (although the Lt. openly revealed that he would be “retired early” if he lost costi so his efforts to regain his man may have had personal reasons aside from “care”).  i guess i could say im able to emphatize with his character……  *is that bitterness i hear?!*

confession:  as in other government films i was a bit confused.  ok, ok, i was a lot confused most of the time.  the reason was, i had no background of romania’s history.  fortunately, after the film, someone from the romanian embassy gave us my much needed background.  how cool could that be?!

i always love discussions after a movie, especially a controversial one.  this passion is not shared by my hubby and i miss my sister for the chit chat after a film.  the open forum after hirtia va fi albastra was my salvation!  i left the theater with open eyes.

speaking of open eyes, we had a quick dinner at green tomato before watching and i pre-ordered while hubby was parking.  as usual i got their yummy thin crust pizza.  i had decided on peperoni, a safe choice because i knew hubby would want pizza also. lo and behold, he does not like peperoni! whhhaaaat!  after 14 years of being together i find out he does not like peperoni! they were not kidding when they said you learn something new everyday…..

i cannot wait for more cine europa!

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