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Droplets of Nature


If there is something i like almost equally as finding new restaurants, it is discovering new eco products! That’s why i was very excited to get a package from Droplets of Nature a few weeks ago.
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Weekend Food Choices Week 92: A Carnivore’s Take on Saving Planet Earth

Before Hubby went on his long out of town trip, we decided to have dinner at one of the restaurants carnivore foodies have been talking about for some time now.

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Making Planet Earth a Better Place to Live In

my good old bath & body works hand sanitizer foamed its last foam last weekend and since the package containing my new supply is yet to arrive, i decided to find a replacement.


i remember coming across a bottle that perked my curiosity one time while i was musing over bouquets of flowers near rustans supermarket in rockwell.


ive seen the Messy Bessy booths a couple of times at the urban bazaar but never really got a close view of their products until now.


their hand sanitizer comes in 3 different colored bottles but i was told the contents were all the same, a mixture of sugar cane, aloe vera extracts and green tea essential oils, all earth friendly & non toxic ingredients.


like a little kid excited with a new toy, i tried the little warrior and was happy.

one or two sprays was all i needed to moisten my palms and the  first thing i noticed was the mild scent of the sweet sugar cane and green tea infusion. after a thumbs up for the scent of my new bag item, i rubbed the sanitizer between my hands and was ecstatic that it did not produce a sticky blob on my palms. (dont you just hate it when your hand sanitizer does that?! it kind of makes you feel dirtier than you started out). *two thumbs up for messy bessy’s little warrior!*

what a great product i thought!

when i got home, i went on line (ok, i know i should be doing something else, but it was my day off…) and found their site. little did i know that the great product i bought had an even greater mission!


Messy Bessy is part of a project called HOuSE


Helping Ourselves through Sustainable Enterprises

Krie Reyes Lopez started the project in 2006 after her immersion with the Delancey Street Foundation and developed Messy Bessy Cleaners Inc. as one of the first of numerous enterprises she has planned to sustain the rehabilitation of disadvantaged young adults.  the project hopes to empower and provide formerly abandoned, abused or incarcerated young individuals with a second chance in life.


the project of course has limited resources and welcomes support in cash or kind such as kitchen supplies (mixing bowls, measuring cups, graters, utensils, scales, baking utensils, etc.), office supplies, furnitures, computers, or if anyone out there can lend them an office space for their factory =)

you can get in touch with them at +63.917.830.3003 or messybessycleaners@gmail.com

or you could just simply switch to green living and patronize their wide array of toxin free Messy Bessy house cleaning products.

places where you will find Messy Bessy:
Rustans Flower Shop in Rockwell
Rustans Flower Shop in Ayala Makati
ECHO store at the ground floor of Serendra
SM Makati Weekend Market
Health Nest in Hi-Top Q.Ave and Pioneer Center Pasig
and Green Stream Organic Shop in Marikina

and just in case you want their products delivered, you can call or text 63.915.789.2030 (Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm)  or email orders to messybessycleaners@gmail.com

oh and did i mention they use pedala,

pedala_1that cool courier i featured last year which uses bikes instead of cars or trucks to haul packages.

what a great project!

(thanx to krie for letting me grab some of her photos from the messy bessy site!  you’re a gem of society!)

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