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Celebrations and Champions

i think every pinoy feels like a champion today after manny proved himself truly as the greatest fighter ever! yay!!!

we got up early this morning and headed for rockwell. no, not to watch the fight in the cinema, as we were confident manny would clobber hatton, but to get a taste of myron’s brunch.  sort of a pre celebration of pacquiao’s victory! woohoo!

i read about myron’s brunch from one of my favorite food blog dessert comes first. after her review, brunch at myrons greenbelt became a regular and i was planning to take a trip to get a taste of the new hype until i learned that myron’s at rockwell would serve the now famous brunch. i was thrilled and placed our reservation. when asked if we had any seating preference, i said “anywhere with good lighting” *wink*

while waiting for our orders, lovely couple Drs EAC & DC walked in the restaurant and we happily greeted dra a wonderful birthday! they came to celebrate dra’s bday by having a delicious hearty breakfast, and knowing that this couple eat at good restaurants all the time, i knew hubby and i were at the right place!

hubby ordered the big pinoy breakfast.
we thought this was a good idea so that we could sample which among the pinoy choices of myron’s brunch would become our favorite.

it had angus beef tapa, chicken tocino, lamb and chicken adobo and daing na bangus with fried rice and 2 eggs (yuuum!!!)

my favorite was the the lamb adobo and the angus beef tapa. the chicken tocino was good too and the daing na bangus had a unique marinade…ok it was all good! *giggle* hubby loved the angus beef tapa and daing na bangus. the dish was so large that hubby left more than bite size pieces of each as he could not stuff anymore down his tummy!!! talk about an order thats well worth it!

as for my dish, even before i placed our reservation, i had made up my mind on what to order. eggs benedict of course! but upon reviewing myron’s brunch menu i saw several versions. traditional, southern, irish… i just had to ask what the differences were.

i knew the traditional version had ham and runny eggs on english muffin with the magic hollandaise sauce but this morning i learned that the irish version had corned beef hash, the southern version had susage and, well, there were i think, 2 other versions but my imagination was already fired up with the thought of sausage, and runny eggs!

so southern eggs benedict it was, and i was not disappointed…

the egg yolks looked so full

and the pretty salad with roasted tomatoes (a favorite) looked yum!

i could not wait to puncture the poached egg.

watch the yolk as it runs down to bathe the sausage and the english muffin

it was so delicious! the sausage had that spicy touch to it which was balanced by the poached egg and hollandaise sauce. yuuuummmmyyy!

this dish is going to top my list for a long time…hmmm, just thinking about it makes me want to make another reservation!!!

after savoring our brunch, and my 3rd cup of drip coffee

we were ready to ask for our bill.  hubby and i both agreed that this was such a satisfying breakfast, a wonderful way to start our day.

our waiter came back, without our bill and told us that our breakfast would be taken cared of by the other table.  surprised, i beamed at hubby.  wow this was turning out to be a wonderful day indeed!

Thank you to our generous benefactor!
rm_598you made our day!!!

just another reason to celebrate!


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