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A Birthday Pate

my good friend RM celebrated his birthday recently.  hubby and i decided we would give him something we remember he expressly loved.

jo's funny wig

you see, in the midst of my dengue illness last yuletide season, i had dinner with my friends at mom & tina’s and we ordered chicken liver pate while waiting for everyone to arrive. when RM tasted the pate, he absolutely loved it! so when hubby and i was wandering around Bacchus Epicerie, restraining ourselves from emptying our wallets on the cheeses and deli meat, we saw that that they carried chicken liver pate and we knew we had to get RM a bottle.

we were hoping this jar of chicken liver pate would live up to Bacchus Epicerie’s philosophy of offering the best

this jar of foie de poulet looked absolutely yum!

i was so surprised that this jar was not from a distant european country. its actually from Pamora Farm in Abra (yes, Abra, Philippines).

Pamora Farm is a Filipino-European joint venture where a french breed of chickens are raised. They distribute chickens, eggs and home made pates. interestingly, they also offer eco tourism activities amidst the farm’s surrounding country side including the Abra river and mountains.

doesn’t the pate look really creamy?!

ok, now im really jealous and bonking my head that i didnt get myself a jar!!! *bonk*

“hubby, when are we going back to rockwell?…”


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