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Weekend Food Choices Week 105: Finding your bowl of happiness

Number 1 has been ousted…


Last weekend we got really excited with the newly opened ramen shop in Aura


We’ve been hearing very good reviews about Ramen Nagi that we just had to see for ourselves what all the raving was about


So we got up early that weekend and occupied the second table for the day


I’ve always been amused with restaurants that serve only their specialty dish and boy was i amused with Nagi’s menu…

…they serve nothing else but ramen just like that place in SF we love!


There are 4 basic ramen bases to choose from which you could tweak to your liking


From how savory you want your broth to how done you want your noodles, Ramen Nagi will customize your bowl for you. But if you’re one of those people who go into crisis when given too many options, there is a box that you can tick for the chef’s recommendation.


Hubby decided to order a bowl of their signature rich Butao broth with hard noodles, pork shoulders, tamago and seaweed.


Ramen Nagi‘s award winning tonkotsu broth was simple but delightfully rich and aromatic


The noodles were perfect and could easily be picked up with Nagi‘s cool corrugated chopsticks.


The broth was so good Hubby decided he had to order extra noodles


He was one happy customer!



I decided i was going to be adventurous and opted for the rich Kuroo base with pork belly, hard noodles, tamago and seaweed.


This rich jet black bowl of broth seemed intimidating at first


but a sip of the blackened garlic and calamari ink broth mixed with a ball of minced pork, black sesame and Nagi’s special spices proved to be a wonderful complex experience

….my bowl of happiness


the tender pork belly and perfect noodles submerged in the silky dark broth was just so delicious!


And that was when i realized…

…this place serves the best bowl of ramen i have tasted in Manila!


Ramen Nagi
SM Aura


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