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Weekend Food Choices Week 103: What Clinches the Deal

I’ve been excitedly waiting for Malcolm Gladwell’s book “David and Goliath” -a book that tries to explain the advantages of our disadvantages and why some of our advantages turn out actually, to our disadvantage, but because i love a challenge, I decided to exercise my patience a little more and asked to get it as a gift instead of buying it off the rack when it came out last month…and yeah, I’m going to be blissfully jobless in a couple of months so go figure

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Choosing Well In Life

We were often told that a bowl with something in it is either half empty or half full depending on your outlook, but being optimistic about an empty bowl is a whole different ballgame …it takes a lot of faith and experience

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ODB’s Thirst Quencher of the Month: Chimay

Chimay ODB-1

Since i’ve found that drinks are as exciting to explore as the dishes we’ve been reviewing, i’ve decided to feature a drink once a month in ODB.

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Weekend Food Choices Week 97: Everything happens for a reason

There are some things that happen unexpectedly, and sometimes, you just have to let them be

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Weekend Food Choices Week 86: Casual Comfort Food

When hubby and i crave for Mexican food, we usually go to Makati Avenue for our Nacho & Burrito fix so when we found out that there actually was a taqueria that we’ve never tried where we hang out every weekend, we couldn’t wait to try it out.
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