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discoveries after the wedding bells

Welcoming New Family Calls for Good Food

I can’t believe it’s been more than half a year since our last food review!  We’ve been busy trying out new food places but busier still preparing to welcome new members in the family that we haven’t had time to share our new finds.

Last month we finally got a chance to take our most awaited trip to visit my loved ones, attend a beautiful wedding, and take our little man, who is still taking his sweet time developing in mommy’s tummy, on his first plane ride… and boy did we stuff ourselves silly!

Here is a teaser of all the food places we tried and because we haven’t reviewed for more than 6 months, this post is going to be a mouthful.

…don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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Happy Birthday My (now) Big Little Brother

The other day i called my little brother to wish him a happy birthday. He said they just got home from his birthday dinner
…and all the memories of yummy sacks of food came flooding back

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From a Cook’s Admirer to Another

…in the aisle of walmart

Totski: “i wonder where the baking powder is?”
Hubby: “it must be here with the flour”
MrsLavendula: busy in the next aisle hoarding chocolates while dear hubby was distracted with the baking powder hunt

…after 5 minutes

Totski: “it should be here somewhere”
MrsLavendula: content with her stash of chocolates “what are you guys looking for?”
Totski: “were gonna need baking powder and i cant find it”
MrsLavendula: picking up a pack of multipurpose flour and thinking… isn’t baking powder like flour?! …it was after all powder for baking!
Hubby: reading MrsL’s thoughts “Iba yan” (that’s not what we’re looking for)
MrsLavendula: still looking at the multipurpose flour and thinking it should do

Totski: walking up and down the aisle
MrsLavendula: gives up trying to convince the cook that flour is the same as baking powder (duh!) and walks behind Totski, thoughts far from figuring out where the elusive ingredient was (more like what else can i stuff in our luggage?!)

Blond Mystery Girl: walking towards the sisters with a smirk/smile
MrsLavendula & Totski: thinking -does she know us?
Blond Mystery Girl: still with that grin and holding up a couple of cans (…of baking powder!!!)

…in the car on the way home
Totski: “i wonder if that girl was really just being helpful or she got so annoyed at us for being so noisy at the baking aisle”
MrsLavendula: didn’t really care because she was super excited and couldn’t wait to taste Totski’s cooking!!!

Totski’s Famous Giant Onion Rings

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Back from 2 Months of Hibernation and Still Hungry

It’s been almost 10 weeks of silence and I’m happy to break it today. By a lucky turn of events, my 12 hour day schedule was moved up 12 hours later and (un)fortunately it was too late to fill in the void so Im leisurely watching my favorite news channel while thinking about that wood fired pizza that hubby and i had a month ago

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A Delicious Brazilian Rodizio

Hubby could not stop talking about this place when he first visited Denver so it was a priority on our list of places to try

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