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Cooling Off with a Treat

the last two days have been ultra hot! after i thought that the heat wave had come and gone a couple of months ago, yesterday happened…36 degrees!  just standing still made beads of sweat form on my forehead arrghh!

what better way to cool off on a sizzling day but to grab a frozen yogurt cooler!

ive always loved yogurt in its traditional form (plain, in a tub, and cooled in the fridge) and when frozen yogurt became a popular dessert, i followed the hype to my delight!

Red Mango is one of the last frozen yogurt brands i haven’t tested and the heat which began last Sunday propelled us to the Red Mango store in Eastwood Mall that day.

despite the lure of all the yummy looking toppings, i ordered a plain jane, the green tea yogurt smoothie. i liked the organic taste but hubby gave his official statement “lasang dahon!” (it tastes like leaves). but dont be fooled by the anti-veggie’s verdict.   its gooood and cold, enough to give me a brain freeze!

…obviously, it was too good to wait for a photo shoot!


May 27, 2009 Posted by | Gastronomic experience | , , , | 2 Comments