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Getting Burned while Watching the Speeding Grease Monkeys

my hubby is a grease monkey. he loves to work on cars and thus 1/4 or our garage is filled with tools and equipment. i have yet to brave the grease laden contraptions to put to rest my OC conscience which i know is far from happening! hehehe!

hubby’s love for fixing and modifying motors engines, leads to the inevitable racetracks, sometimes as a participant and sometimes as a photographer.

this year, hubby had not participated in any race because his partner ruby has a clutch to be mended so donning his photographer cap and lugging a ton of equipment, we got up early on a sunday and headed to Meycauayan Bulacan for the Autocross 2009.

When we arrived, the makeshift racetrack already had cones set up. the venue was a big empty lot with streets and greens, a lot like a village waiting for houses to be built.

a tent was set up for the Club Mitsu boys (and gal -thats moi)


DSC_7476 thanx to DY’s ever supportive dad, a big fan powered by a generator was at hand complete with cushiony chairs! tent (ok, only a girl could get excited about cushiony chairs! hehehe!).

other cars arrived, mostly driven, some carried on flatbeds blue car down ramp

soon the drivers finished the registration procedures and got instructions at the announcement booth. instructions

drivers were to race the track in pairs, both going opposite directions but running the same course. they were given 2 runs and a penalty of 2 seconds for each cone they carnaged. instructions2

while waiting for the race to start, we went to check out the car show at the sides of the track where a couple of interesting rides were parked. lamb the last time i had seen a Lamborghini in real life was at a museum in Germany back when i could still count my age with my own fingers so this was a treat!  i had wanted to ask the owner of this car if i could sit inside so hubby could take my picture but hubby said that was silly -ok fine!
so less i embarrass him in front of the racing community, i had to restrain myself and appreciate the eye candy from its outside! hehehe! lamb2





b with flag

b lights

b with eyelids

DSC_7524 DSC_7523 DSC_7563

finally the race started and one by one hubby’s CM buddies were called to the starting line

this is DY who championed in one of races that day! congrats DY!! start





next to run was DM DM



and then SA S




we didnt get much pictures of TM because hubby was shooting the video cam during his run
(and i was at the sidelines keeping his he-avy camera under the umbrella – dakilang assistant). DSC_7484

here’s a shot of TM getting ready to race against DGL.  it was a close race!  yay for TM who quietly amazed the crowd as he flew in just a few measly seconds after DGL. TM

DGL is a multi awarded racer from Cebu. he wowed the crowds during the trial runs with his speed and loud engine revving.

i overheard he was a drag racer (eavesdropper! hahaha!) who ships his car to manila or where ever a race is held. DGL


a few minutes of light rain frustrated some of the racers due to the slick on the track but that didnt stop the event. it was a crash of one of the cars that took nearly an hour to clear that broke the momentum of the race. luckily, no one was hurt aside from the car (and most likely the driver’s ego).

we stayed for as long as we could but when the skies looked like it was going to pour some more, we decided to head home, the dakilang assistant with burned extremities because she forgot to put extra sunblock on her arms! ooooucch! DSC_7697


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