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April Showers

Its raining… its pouring…

and what better way to spend a lazy, rainy day than snuggling in bed with a hot cup of choco (where’s that bag of mini marshmallows when you need it!)


sipping hot chocolate while watching Snatch……now that’s my kind of day!


i love european films and british films are a favorite.  hubby is catching the craze as he can’t stop laughing at the comic lines intertwined into the action suspense plot of the film.  it must be my self proclaimed compulsory trip to cine europa because  is it me, or is it getting easier to ask him to go with me every year?! *giggle*

im happy that hubby’s happy because he’s good natured enough this morning to allow me to indulge in my little obsession which will be arriving in the mail in two weeks! whooohooo!


it looks like the april showers are bringing blooms in may!


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Imagination and Good Food

i remember as a child, i was always told not to play with my food.  it was hard at times because my imagination had a tendency to run wild (must be all those story books as a kid).

today, several years after leaving the comforts of home to start my own, my creative imagination can still be as rich as it was back then.

now, doesn’t this look like a centurion to you?


a yummy one at that!  i had taken notice after biting into what seemed to be the best empanada i had ever tasted in my life.  i could not resist taking a photo to document my great find and after looking at my shot, my imagination just got the better of me! hahaha!

i first tasted San Lo’s Famous Empanada after sampling one at Rockwell’s Bakers Dozen.

after sinking my teeth into the sweet crust and savory chicken filling, i was hooked!


each of the empanada costs around P55, a little steep for an empanada you might say, but its well worth a try.  to say the least, if i was asked to eat just the crust of this delicious pie, i would gladly ask for seconds, thats how good it is!  its sweet, buttery and crispy crust, and the hot, creamy chicken filling is such a treat…yuuuum….

i confess, i gobbled up the centurion in less than 2 minutes, craving for a second one!  now thats good food!

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Favorite Meal of the Day

i just love breakfast!

it must be because our mom never let us out of the house when we were small unless we ate our breakfast. now, hubby’s home is not fond of morning meals as everyone just seem to rush out in the morning. so when we got married, it was a tug of war whether to eat before leaving or not. but because hubby is mr grumpy early on in the day, weekdays are packed breakfast but weekends are according to my preference.


early morning meals are never complete without eggs

sausages and hash browns are great with my favorite condiments of ketchup and mustard


and of course my favorite cup of coffee or hot chocolate


i do love breakfast!  there’s nothing better than a good meal to start your day!

what’s your favorite meal of the day?!

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there are only 2 people i know who does not like chocolates: a good doctor in training and my hubby.

yes, i, the chocolate lover, married a non chocolate eating man!  but because he loves me so, he allows me to store tons of chocolate bars in the fridge and buys me my favorite chocolates when he goes on trips.

the last time he was gone for 2 months, he brought home my favorite reeses pieces (the gigantic kind!), raisinets and a box of truffles from cousins C&RR (thanx so much!).


opening the box, i was faced with a serious dilemma


honestly, i just couldnt choose which to sample first. but i picked a truffle and one thing lead to another…

the maple and raspberry variety became my favorite.

and as i took a bite of the last truffle, i thought to myself, why would anyone not want to eat chocolates?


odd indeed!

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Lights and Shadows

hubby has always been into photography and i must say, he’s got talent!

his equipment started with a digital camera upgraded into a DSLR. various lenses were acquired and now, its flash that he’s crazy about.

ive never liked the camera flash because, well, i prefer warm lighting in my photos. but when i saw what strobes, and creativity could do, i was amazed!


i never knew lights and shadows could be so beautiful in photographs



but its all very complicated, the angles and lighting and other technical equipment…

…i think ill stick with my macro shots and let him take care of the strobes


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