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Weekend Food Choices Week 93: The Best Ramen in Town

Mitsuyado front-1
We love noodles…

…is it that obvious?!


We saw Mitsuyado after a great holiday dinner with Drs AA & DC and oh boy were we glad we were pointed in this direction!


Mitsuyado makes their special noodles in house using this huge machine


so we were excited to give their bowls of noddles a try


walking inside feels like being transported in one of Kamifukuoka’s alley

On our table:

Gyoza (Php180)
this is one of hubby’s fave side dish…in fact we have a pack in the ice box and he still can’t resist ordering this during our Japanese restaurant visits.

These are definitely delicious. Lightly toasted from frying with a moist tasty filling…really good!

Tan Tan Ramen (Regular Php280)

i loved the thick spicy broth of this bowl of ramen. It was a perfect remedy to the cold i was nursing during our first visit.


Char-siu Ramen (Regular Php360)

the generous thick, delicious, slices of pork was just perfect! And the broth… a rival to our (previous) favorite local ramen restaurant


the two bowls of ramen could be served with thick or thin noodles depending on the diner’s choice but they did not come with egg. You could however order the Aji-tama as an addition to your bowl

Aji-tama (Php 30)

perfectly cooked marinated eggs…i could eat this all day!


Hubby was delighted with Mitsuyado and so it goes without saying that something this good is definitely worth a second visit


…so we were back in no time at all!

Our second visit was surprisingly even better than our first.

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen (Php 380)
Mitsuyado2 edited-1

An off the menu bowl, available for a limited time only, this tonkotsu ramen with thin noodles was as good as it could get!

Tonkotsu or pork bone ramen has a cloudy white colored broth, a result of boiling pork bones and collagen for many hours (our fave noodle house in Saitama is rumored to boil their broth for 24 hours). As this happens to be hubby’s favorite type of ramen, and not very easy to find in Manila, he was happy to see this being offered in Mitsuyado and was ecstatic to find their version more than satisfactory. The broth was as creamy as milk and had that intense pork flavor we’ve been searching for!

We both hope they make this ramen a regular dish in the restaurant. We’d be too sad to see this bowl of happiness go.

Marutoku Tsukemen (Php 380)
Mitsuyado2 edited-4

Tsukemen, the specialty of the Mitsuyado, is a variety of ramen where the noodles and the broth are served separately. I chose the Marutoku which includes slices of char-siu, beansprouts and nori.

Mitsuyado2 edited-6

This dish comes only with thick noodles which can be served hot or cold (much like zaru soba).

Mitsuyado2 edited-3

How to eat tsukemen: pick up a couple of noodles with your chopsticks, drown in the thick dipping sauce and slurp away.

Mitsuyado2 edited-5

For hubby and i, this is now the best ramen place in town!
…we will absolutely be back very soon…


Mitsuyado Sei-Men
22 Jupiter Street, Brgy Bel Air, Makati City
02 511 1390


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  1. I want to try thissss! My husbands Japanese colleague said its even better than ukkokei šŸ™‚

    Comment by JodiesMommy | February 4, 2013 | Reply

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