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Weekend Food Choices Week 102: Solitude, Solidarity, and Everyday Heroes

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It’s ironic how beautiful the blue sky was last Sunday when the strongest storm to hit land in history just passed by a couple of days back
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Weekend Food Choices Week 93: The Best Ramen in Town

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We love noodles…

…is it that obvious?!

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Weekend Food Choices Week7: Surprising the Control Freak

This week, hubby wanted to be secretive and refused to give his 3 choices for our weekend food trip. I was bugging him all day and couldn’t concentrate on anything else because i wanted to know. He knows i get fidgety when i can’t anticipate what comes next but he wouldn’t budge so i eventually decided to give up.

When we exited the Power plant mall, i knew he really had something up his sleeve. Its not often that hubby decides to plan our Sunday dinner all by himself and i got excited.

We turned to Edsa and exited on Buendia and found ourselves on the corner of Jupiter and Antares

Hubby’s Weekend Food Choice:

Osonho was not yet on my list of food places to visit and i had to give hubby a big hug for his efforts in finding a new place for us to dine in.

When we arrived at around 6pm the place was still deserted. Good i thought, extra time to take photos!

The ambiance of Osonho is laid back but with good enough interiors for a casual first date

The wall near the entrance displayed various magazines and papers where Osonho has been featured.

then again, yes, i think ive come across a review on this place before but it never caught my interest because im not familiar with Portuguese food.

Complementary bread and olive oil & garlic for dipping were served

Appetizer was Portuguese Gambas

I didn’t know what Portuguese gambas was supposed to taste like but i wanted to taste the succulent prawns the moment the hot plate was served on our table.

The prawns were cooked in garlic, olive oil, and what we suspected was sun dried tomatoes.

This dish is a must order. Yummy!

My order came next

Jeera Meera Masala is lamb leg marinated in garam masala spices with grilled tomatoes and onions over steamed rice. The hot pasty sauce of the dish was delicious. I only wish they grilled the tomatoes and onions more thoroughly and not just to put grill marks on them, as i do eat my veggies…

Hubby’s order

Peri-Peri chicken on fragrant chicken rice.

Now ive never really been a fan of the peri-peri chicken after tasting it at Greenhills. I found the chicken a little dry and the taste nothing to get excited about. But when i tasted Osonho’s peri peri chicken i was blown away!

No exaggeration this is one of the best chicken dishes i have tasted! The boneless chicken was deliciously juicy and tender and Osonho’s peri-peri sauce was wonderfully mouthwatering!!

The fragrant rice brought balance to the flavorful chicken.

This order could actually be good for two, that is, if you’re willing to share!

As we finished our food, people started to fill the restaurant.

Now, im a confessed Portuguese food newbie and have nothing to compare Osonho’s dishes to, but all i know is that authentic Portuguese food or not, we had a great dinner!

I guess handing the control to someone else once in a while isn’t so bad…

It can actually turn into a satisfying dinner!

lets drink to that!

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