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Weekend Food Choices Week 98: What all the fuss is about

SantoukaRamen first-1

Hubby and i have a go to place when we want good ramen so we were curious what all the fuss in G4 was all about


Hubby and i knew that this place did not accept reservations and that the line could get really long so we arrived early enough to get the second table for the day.


Hokkaido, located on the northern part of Japan, is known for their harsh winter weather and i think that is the reason why they perfected the best thing on a freezing day -a delicious warm bowl of ramen


Santouka Ramen opened in Manila early this year and a lot of people have been raving about it so we had to give it a try


First order of the day: Pork Gyoza (Php200)


Hubby’s favorite starter dish was satisfactory but our good old ramen place had better gyoza


Shio Ramen (Small Php280, Medium Php320, Large Php380)


Hubby thought that his bowl of ramen was great, pearly broth served at just the right temperature -we sort of missed the layer of fat that we love, floating on top of the broth though, and since none of the bowls has eggs in them, we had to order one

Komi-Tamago (Php50)


Tokusen Toroniku Ramen (Small Php370 Medium Php430 Large Php490)


I ordered Santouka’s specialty ramen -a bowl of generous noodles which i decided to have with Shio broth


served with a plate of roasted pork cheeks which is available daily in limited quantity only


i loved my bowl of noodles but i loved the pork cheeks more…so tender and flavorful -delicious!

a slurp-ful of good broth, a strand of noodles, soft fatty pork and runny red eggs…who could ask for more


i now pretty much understand what the fuss is all about…another ramen joint option in Manila




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