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Weekend Food Choices Week 87: Warm up on a Rainy Day

A rain drenched weekend deserves nothing less than a delicious warm meal

The whole day of gloom made me want something warm and comforting, so hubby and i headed to Ganso-Shabuway for a hot pot dinner

to our delight, they were now serving Kurobuta pork, the equivalent of Kobe beef in pork production

Kurobuta, regarded as a superior quality pork, comes from an ancient Japanese breed of pigs called the Berkshire.

The meat from this pig is highly prized because of its soft, white fat composition and a fine, rich meat texture.

Delicious cooked for a few seconds in the spicy miso or seaweed broth then dipped in my favorite sesame and ponzu sauces

How did you warm up on this rain drenched weekend?

Power Plant mall
Rockwell Center


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