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discoveries after the wedding bells

Packed Lunch: Delicatesse

I grew up eating sausages, cured meat and cheeses so when i decided i would start bringing food to work, there was no doubt i had to bring my happy food
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Let’s Celebrate!

5 years ago i wrote ODB’s first food post, a 7 word entry.
Who would have thought that a few years later we would have been one of Yummy Magazine’s Best Local Food Blog, Luzon’s Best Food & Beverage Blog and a DailyBuzz Food Featured Publisher contributor.

Definitely something to celebrate about

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Dessert Discovery: Carmen’s Best Artisan Ice Cream

The sun finally decided to grace us with her presence and just in time too!
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Weekend Food Choices Week 89: Caution…Definitely Habit Forming

Hubby and i were looking for something new to try so we headed to the Fort Strip to try the Cheese Steak Shop Manila Food Truck

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Home Cooked: Trippa alla Romana

We’ve been stuck at home due to the pouring rain so Hubby decided he would cook dinner.
We had some tripe in the fridge that was supposed to be for kare-kare (peanut sauce stew) but Hubby wanted to be adventurous and chose to cook up a Mario Batali recipe

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