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Weekend Food Choices Week 88: Good Food in the Pouring Rain

A week of rain and all i wanted was to stay dry and get some good food, so we headed to Cafe Med for my Mediterranean fix.

We have always been the gyro and pizza couple whenever we’re at Cafe Med but we decided we would be adventurous this time around and ordered a couple of new dishes.

Kofta Burger (Php195)
Spicy grilled beef and lamb burger

Hubby was intrigued by this plate when we saw it on the next table the last time we were here, so we decided to give it a try. The burger was juicy and the flavors pretty good but it had that smell i didn’t quite like … from the spices i guess, the smell you get from a lot of Indian food.

Hubby and i were discussing how we could possibly ask the chef to tone down the spice but we both guessed the kofta patty was probably premixed.

Moroccan Mint Tea (Php80)

Ratatouille (Php195)

This version of the classic French stew is so delicious!

Even Hubby who is veggie-phobic, took a liking to this dish. The vegetables were still firm in the warm perfectly flavored tomato base. A spoonful gives you a medley of wonderful spices and textures.

I just loved it!

We were really happy with our new dish discoveries in our default restaurant but i just couldn’t resist and ordered my favorite Beef Gyro Pizza (Php370) just to bite into one slice of the warm crunchy flavorful crust and cool tzatziki topping.

Perfect drizzled with the thick creamy garlic sauce and Cafe Med’s gourmet chili sauce!

Love, love, love…now if only the sky would stop pouring rain…

Cafe Mediterranean
Power Plant mall
Rockwell Center


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