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Weekend Food Choices Week 67: Swish Dip and Gulp

hubby has been waiting for this place to open so reservations for a table for 2 was in order when they did

shabuway took the place of my fave italian hang out Piazza Pazzo … i guess i was the only one who appreciated their pizza and gelato

Shabu shabu is the japanese version of the Chinese hotpot, and its name comes from “swish swish”, the sound of cooking the meat in the boiling pot

I’ve never really fancied hot pots because i’ve never liked cooking (if you could actually call that cooking) and im so bad at flavoring my own dish, but hubby likes it and ends up doing all the work at our table anyway so i can’t complain

Shabuway has offered Japanese style hotpot in California since 2004 and has opened its doors to Manila, first in Greenbelt and now in Rockwell

How to order:
1. Choose from either the traditional seaweed broth or their spicy miso soup. If you are at one of the tables (and not at the bar), you could request for half and half like we did

2. Choose your plate of either Angus beef, Kobe beef or their non beef plates. This is served with vegetables and rice

3. Enjoy

we ordered a large plate of angus beef and boy was it a plate of beauty!

less perfectly marbled than its kobe beef counterpart, thus half the price

yet delicious just the same

just a few seconds in the boiling pot, the thin slices of beef turns light brown

delicious dunked in the homemade dipping sauce of shabuway

the lighter sauce is their sesame sauce, thicker and had a peanut-y taste while the darker one is the ponzu sauce, a sweet and tangy sauce which i liked better with the angus beef

you could add various yakumi on to the sauces to suite your palate. they have green onion, garlic, grated daikon and chili, shichimi (which i love), and chili oil

i kept asking hubby if we got the large or the regular plate because we finished our plate and i was still craving for more…me and my big appetite!

i decided to try out their mochi ice cream for dessert -green tea

a single serving of mochi filled with green tea ice cream

nothing fancy here, just a nice ending to a good dinner…

next time maybe hubby and i should order a plate each of their delicious thinly slice beef… *wink*


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  1. Pretty plate of marbled beef and the green tea mochi looks inviting too! šŸ™‚

    Comment by Guia Obsum | January 1, 2012 | Reply

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