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Experimenting with Paradise

Look at what i found in the grocery the other day

I was doing my therapeutic grocery shopping trying to make my self feel better after loosing my voice (at least shopping by myself didn’t remind me that it was still gone), when i chanced upon these at the vegetable aisle.

I thought they were unique looking bananas and as the label said “cooking banana” i was thinking of making them into my favorite fried fritters or, as the sign in the grocery said, as a good substitute for potato chips.

It took a couple of days before our help asked me what i wanted to do with the bananas, with me forgetting about my unique buy. I told her i wanted them cut in half and cooked as fritters early morning so that i could include a couple in hubby’s lunch box (you see, i have been fulfilling my new year’s resolution of trying to be a little more wifey by preparing packed breakfast or lunch for hubby to take to the office).

What a surprise i got this morning when i saw the bananas on the table cooked, but looking nothing like fritters. I found out they didn’t understand my request and boiled a couple then cut them into half.

Panic stricken, as hubby was getting ready to leave, i asked that the remaining uncooked bananas be fried as i wanted them, one into halves and the other into chips.

Banana Chips
I guess these should have been cup up more thinly. I waited for them to cool hoping they would become crispy but they never did. As i didn’t have this sprinkled with sugar, they tasted very bland. The texture is somewhat like that of a sweet potato.

Banana Fritters
These tasted better but because the texture was nothing like my favorite saba, denser, more like a potato, i only had one piece.

While i was surfing this morning, researching on what i did wrong with my paradise plantain experiment, i came to Market Manila’s entry and i realized i had read about these before. The thing was, at that time, i didn’t really get to read his entry and just looked at the pictures. This was probably why i was so compelled to buy the bananas because i had seen them in one of the blogs i follow.

Lesson of the story: Read between the pictures! hahaha!

So im sorry hubby, i know the packed breakfast isn’t so great today…its the effort that counts! hehehe!


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  1. its good that you are getting into your wifely duty doc mitzi. ang hirap ano? hehehe

    plantains are only good for main course not for dessert like our local saba. although i know that unripen saba make good nilupak – a local merienda of Quezon.

    boil the plantain till fork tender then cut them crosswise, with the bottom of a glass mash it to look like a cookie. roll them in cinnamon sugar then fry. šŸ™‚

    for main course naman, add them to your nilaga or cocido to substitute it for potato. šŸ™‚

    Comment by urbanmudra | January 15, 2010 | Reply

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