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Weekend Food Choices Week 104: There’s a Catch

“You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette, we’re willing to take that risk for you”
-this written on the wall of the cafe and i knew immediately i was going to enjoy our dinner

We got a glimpse of Hatch 22 when we were window shopping after mass a month ago.

A new restaurant in our weekly dwelling place… how exciting I thought.

What used to be an asian bistro that served pretty good crab was transformed into a trendy cafe.
The menu had a gamut of interesting dishes that gave me a hard time deciding which i wanted to try for the evening.

On our table:
Newer England Clam Chowder (P185)

I thought that this creamy bowl of Manila clams, potatoes leeks, and bleu cheese was really delicious!

Served with sides of herby focaccia, dinner was definitely off to a good start.

Fried Chicken Asian Salad (P340)

Hubby was delighted to find out that the fried chicken in this salad was not made of white meat.

The tender fried chicken atop crisp slaw made of roamaine, iceberg, red cabbage and crispy wonton with mandarin oranges, toasted almonds and their pink panda house dressing made an interestingly good plate of greens!

If you’re eating alone, you could opt to get half portions of any salad and soup of the day (P295)

Hatch22 bag-1

The restaurant’s name hatched from the term coined in Joseph Heller’s novel Catch 22, describing a situation where you’re damned if you do damned if you don’t.

…i wondered why

soon our mains were served

The Walowitz (P420)
I was surprised by how humongous this serving was. This would be a winner if it tasted as great as it looked i thought.

The fries were blah…for some reason it seemed like old fries that had been re-fried.

But the generous slices of homemade corned beef brisket in between dark rye bread was a good choice.


With red sauerkraut, swiss cheese, black pepper aioli, whole grain mustard, and dill pickles, the symphony of flavors made each bite an interesting mouthful.


Bacon Burger (P395)
The fries were still the same consistency but the burger looked good!

I knew hubby was pleased with his choice.

The slices of curly smoked bacon that topped the burger drizzled with Tillamook cheddar was great in between the soft brioche bun.


Sweet endings:
Sticky bun

Hubby loves cinnamon so i was not surprised that he got this from the bakery shelves that lined a wall of this cafe.

This sweet soft pastry got a thumbs up from us.


We were actually enjoying every dish until my dessert came…

Stuffed Churros and Hot Chocolate (P110)

First of all, it would be an understatement to say that the hot chocolate was watered down, then paired with lemony filled churros…what were they thinking?!

Fortunately, their pot of tea was very good and saved the day.

Hatch 22 tea blend

Aptly named, i realized there was a catch in giving this new cafe a try after all…

finding yourself wanting to come back for more…


Hatch 22
Cafe & Bakery
Power Plant mall
Rockwell Center


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