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Dessert Discovery: Sweets to Douse the Heat

The strong winds that hit our city a week ago were pretty scary.  Fortunately we only suffered a few garden mishaps and a downed electric line -one that was not looked into by Meralco for more than a week from the incident, and my patience was running thin… 8 days of patiently reporting and trying to get service but not getting any feedback is more than a customer should endure don’t you think?

And what has gotten me this far without tearing the hair from my head, you ask?  It may just be the sweets that have been coming in the mail





On the 2nd day of our evacuation from our powerless house, this came to cheer us upEatDessertFirst-2

A twist on an old classic banana bread, tickled with chocolate chips and a dash of cinnamon sugar in cupcake form.  


CINNAMON ROLL CUPCAKES (Php285/half-dozen) EatDessertFirst-7

Because cinnamon always gets me nostalgic with memories from my childhood, this cinnamon roll inspired cupcake came as no surprise to be my favorite of the two.  The cream cheese frosting with coco powder dust gave this cupcake just the right amount of sweetness.


The cupcakes were dense and very filling.  For me they were more of a light snack or breakfast item rather than something you would eat after a meal.  They’re best consumed immediately but can be stored in the refrigerator for about a week.


and although the minimum order for these cupcakes is half a dozen, Eat Dessert First allows you to order 2 different kinds of cupcakes in a box of 6EatDessertFirst-4a box of banana chocolate chip and cinnamon roll cupcakes



6 days into our power line ordeal and having just finished our box of cupcakes, another set of sweets came to save the day

CHEESECAKE COOKIES (Php295/dozen)EatDessertFirst-12

Creamy cheesecake cookies topped with your choice of blueberry or strawberry topping.



Hubby loves blueberry cheesecake so these were perfect bite sized pieces of his favorite dessert


EatDessertFirst-16The creation of a dessert that is a cross between a cookie and a cheesecake is pretty genius!  These are delicious with tea or coffee specially on a rainy day like today.  Like the cupcakes, you can order a mix of both the blueberry and strawberry variety in a box.  These should be stored in a cool place to keep them soft and moist…that is if you actually need to store them once you start popping them in your mouth!


As of our power line problem, the service men finally came late this afternoon -FINALLY!!  We requested that they do a revision on our power line connection so that we could avoid another accidental disconnection (and prevent another ordeal with the slow response nightmare) but they said their job was just to restore our electricity and for us to make another request with customer service… ayayay…no customer should ever have to suffer such bad service!

Thank goodness for these yummy treats from Eat Dessert First that somehow doused the heat of my boiling temper!

 Other items offered by Eat Dessert First:
SMORES COOKIES Cookies with Milk/Dark Chocolate Chips and Graham Crackers Chunks and topped with Marshmallows Php280/10 pcs
YEMA CUPCAKES WITH PASTILLAS FROSTING Rich Yema cupcake topped with an addicting Pastillas flavored frosting. Php310/half-dozen
**COOKIE DOUGH ICE CREAM PIE* Rich and creamy cookie dough ice cream over a Graham Cracker Crust and topped with slices of sweet and tangy Peaches. Php450/9″ pie
**BANOFFEE ICE CREAM PIE* A sweet and salty graham crust, topped with caramel, layered with sliced fresh bananas and covered with HOMEMADE ICE CREAM and drizzled with chocolate syrup. Php350/9″ pie
**for pickup only in Legaspi Village, Makati
FOR ORDERS you can send a message through Viber or WeChat at 0917 5793255
PAYMENT can be made via BPI, BDO, Gcash and Paypal with cut off on Fridays
DELIVERY the week after payment confirmation




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