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discoveries after the wedding bells

Charity Begins at Home

The sun has been shining for 2 days and I’m happy!

I’ve never been a fan of gloomy weather and the storm that came last weekend was definitely something no one wished for.

Yesterday was our house help’s birthday and despite all the rescue and relief efforts going on around the metro, i thought it was important that she still got her celebration.

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Ondoy in All Its Fury

We all heard a storm was coming this weekend but none of us knew it was going to be this bad…

(From MLQ III)

Hubby and i got up early Saturday morning because he volunteered for a feeding program in Paranaque and I had to man a clinic. Hubby got to his destination safely but in the middle of my trip to the clinic, i decided to turn around because the rains were pouring so hard i didn’t think it was safe to go any further. Unfortunately it was too late as all roads leading home was knee deep in flood waters and some deeper.

I ended up at Market Market and sought refuge at the mall’s 2nd level parking. I would wait it out i thought then would go home when the flood rains subsided.

That would not happen that Saturday.

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Banoffee Newbie

I was on my way home from work in the elevator when its door opened on the ground floor revealing a pastry stall of Dessert Solutions

I’ll just see what’s on the shelves i thought…

who was i kidding?!

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Happy Endings and Great Beginnings

Last weekend, hubby and i attended the wedding of one of the SGD friends, AAJr with the love of his life, now Mrs MGA

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Weekend Food Choices Week 17: Our Marine Field Trip

We were invited by hubby’s childhood friend JT to a mini field trip at the Manila Ocean Park.

Hubby and i have always been curious to see Manila Bay’s oceanarium since its soft opening last year and have only held off visiting because of mixed reviews.

When we entered the grounds behind Manila Grandstand, i couldn’t help but be a little disheartened at the sight that welcomed us. Confusing signages, dirt road parking that set off dust clouds when vehicles run past, and a big non functioning fountain that served as a rotunda at the entrance to the oceanarium. None of what i saw sparked any sense of excitement to what lie ahead. And as if that wasn’t enough, i was aghast that the path that lead to the entrance of the building that housed the oceanarium was lined with kiosks selling odds and ends not at all related to the park’s theme (take note: palamig, wooden furniture, RTW, etc). This made me feel i was entering a flea market more than a state of the art ocean park.

It was just so sad and i couldn’t help but wonder if the exhibit inside was as despondent as the sight what welcomed us into the park. What were they thinking?!

Hubby and i decided that we would eat lunch before viewing the exhibit. This was our chance to taste the food at Makansutra, located at the second floor of the MOP complex.

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