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Weekend Food Choices Week 14: Fiery Canteen Dinner

It was a rainy Saturday and hubby was craving for Thai food.

We heard there was a new Thai place in town, (and when we say new, we mean somewhere we haven’t eaten before *snicker*), so we headed to home depot for our fiery dinner.

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Getting in on a Family Secret

I feel blessed to live in a community where food places are cropping up like mushrooms.

Just last week I discovered that a new dessert place opened on the street I pass by day in and day out.

So I excitedly coerced hubby into buying me sweets.

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Weekend Food Choices Week 12: Hubby’s Idea of a Date

When i came home from work, hubby asked if i wanted to go out on a date. Excitedly, i went into our closet and put on my dancing shoes. But i should have known i only needed my appetite in tow.

Hubby and i have had Sango in our weekend food choices for a long time now but it kept getting bumped off.

This week, it had no rival.

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The things we do to get good food

I don’t usually get a day off. In fact, i work even on Saturdays and Sundays, so today was special as i had the whole day to spend however way i wanted to.

Hubby and i decided we would spend the day doing what we absolutely love to do.

Look for good food what else!

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Weekend Food Choices Week 11: A Craving Satisfied

I was craving for some good Chinese food so here goes…

Weekend Food Choices:

  1. Kopi Tiam
  2. Mr. Choi
  3. Mongkok

Our Choice

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