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Ondoy in All Its Fury

We all heard a storm was coming this weekend but none of us knew it was going to be this bad…

(From MLQ III)

Hubby and i got up early Saturday morning because he volunteered for a feeding program in Paranaque and I had to man a clinic. Hubby got to his destination safely but in the middle of my trip to the clinic, i decided to turn around because the rains were pouring so hard i didn’t think it was safe to go any further. Unfortunately it was too late as all roads leading home was knee deep in flood waters and some deeper.

I ended up at Market Market and sought refuge at the mall’s 2nd level parking. I would wait it out i thought then would go home when the flood rains subsided.

That would not happen that Saturday.

I had never experienced driving in raging waters, i only saw it on TV in World’s Most Amazing Videos or Rescue 911 but some of the roads i crossed were barely passable and were beginning to look like the ones i only saw on disaster documetaries. I was lucky enough that instinct (because the roads i took were not from calculated decisions) led me to dry shelter. All the stress of not knowing where to turn but amazingly finding my way drained me terribly.

My knees were shaking as i entered the mall and looked for a place away from the crowd, i suddenly needed some peace and quiet. I stayed away from the regular fast food stores that attracted majority of the other people who were also stranded and took refuge at Pancake House, ordered my comfort food and waited for Hubby to be dropped off where i was so he could drive us home. After taking my time with a plate full of food and a cup of coffee, it looked like it was going to be a while.

A couple of hours of walking around and 2 tall glasses of caffeine later to keep me cheery, hubby said he would not be able to pick me up and that i should try to head home. The pouring rains told me otherwise and i decided to wait it out, for how long i didn’t know. I had the presence of mind to get me a long novel at the book sale to keep me company just in case my waiting took forever. It was what made the waiting somehow tolerable.

When the mall finally closed, i had to find another dry shelter less i suffer from the carbon monoxide poisoning by sitting at the parking lot till i could drive home.

This is where i found refuge for the next 10 hours

I finished my John Grisham novel, had dinner and breakfast before i wobbly headed home.

The sun was starting to shine by the time i came to the main road. With a few other cars on the road, and the streets cleared of any debris or flood water. It was as if nothing had happened. As if i had just decided to go for an early morning drive on a Sunday.

It was only as i sat on my bed and read the news, that the horror of what happened in the metropolis dawned on me. I realized despite my horrible experience of being stranded, i had not endured as much as others did.

Hubby is on his way home, tired im guessing, but like me, safe and dry.

I hope everyone else out there has been reunited with their loved ones, dry and safe from Ondoy’s fury.

September 27, 2009 - Posted by | Meandering

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