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Solo Food Adventure: Kani Crepe & Tsokolate Milkshake

After a Saturday spent in a retreat of silence somewhere South, i came back to Manila invigorated by the solitude and fresh country air and was ready for some shopping, a bit more relaxation…this time on my own terms.

Japanese Kani Crepe (Php 159)

Since i was too full from the buffet meals at the retreat, i just wanted a light afternoon snack to last me through dinner so i headed to Crepes & Cream.

Why it’s a great place when you’re alone:
It’s situated in the less busy part of Rockwell but strategically placed so that you’re at a stone’s throw from Beauty Bar and Stella Luna. There are adequate number of seats, some to accommodate groups and a number good for solo diners like me.

If there was one lecture i truly appreciated in the retreat, it had to be the one on the 5 things to keep you from going crazy at work:
1. Know what fills your tank and what drains it -you have to know what ticks you off and what makes you happy so that you can lessen the things that drain you and get/do more of what fills you
2. Work from rest – sleep is important …that i already learned early on from my mom so to this day i try to hit the sack by 10pm
3. Find your balance – know how to adjust to the things happening around you, you can’t control every event but you can control your reaction to them
4. Have a lightning rod – when your day is just not going your way, you have to have someone grounded you can talk to …and this is not necessarily your spouse, who most likely will be drained by your anxieties.
5. Keep a journal – reflect on the things you want to focus on

Now there’s a nice two-seater table by the wall in Cerepes & Cream which provide a great place to mind your own business.

I decided to fill my tank by finally starting on the book i’ve been putting off reading. I love Malcolm Gladwell, in fact i’ve read all 3 of his other books, all very intellectually stimulating!

Tsokolate Milkshake (Php115)

reading Gladwell’s best essays from The New Yorker and wearing a pair from my collection

tank’s half full …now for some shopping *wink*


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