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How to Use a Manual Espresso Machine

Our fully automated espresso machine died from exhaustion a few weeks back and because i can’t live without good coffee, Hubby had to bring out our manual espresso machine.

given to us by our debonaire Ninong RR and lovely wife C

Hubby knows that i don’t have time to make coffee manually in the morning so he taught our house help to become a barista and it’s been good so far.

but since i don’t have to rush off to work this morning, i decided i’d learn a new skill and make my own coffee manually…don’t worry i didn’t break anything…

One the best advice i got from a well admired mentor was that we should not sit around and waste our time on things that will not contribute to our final goals in life, she told me that while we’re waiting for our dreams to be realized, we should enrich our lives with new skills that will increase our worth, hence my desire to learn how to use the manual espresso machine this morning -at least if i decide that it’s just too depressing being with sick kids all the time, i can take off and work at my fave coffee bar, right?

How to make espresso manually

1. turn on your manual espresso machine so that the water will start to heat up

2. get your portafilter and attach your desired filter basket size (i use the 2 cup filter)

3. fill the basket with ground coffee (i like mine finely ground) and pack with …well i’m not sure what it’s called…a coffee thumper i think

4. attach the portafilter filled with tightly packed ground coffee to the manual espresso maker -remember the tighter you pack your coffee the stronger the espresso will be

5. you’re now ready to drip water through your tightly packed ground coffee beans

6. turn the water lever but make sure you turn it off when your coffee is a few millimeters from the cup’s rim lest your perfect espresso overflows -that happened the first time they made me coffee because they got so used to the automatic coffee maker that stops when the cup is filled…that’s why this is called manual….

The photo on the left shows my first attempt with coarsely ground local coffee beans while the the one the right is my perfectly thick espresso, made with finely ground Lavazza coffee beans

what new skill have you learned lately?


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