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Dinner with Good Friends…Buenisimo!

Its that time of the year when good friends gather to catch up, or in our case, to have another reason to eat out…

I’ve only eaten once in Cafe Ysabelle and it was a sponsored meal so i didn’t really have a say on the dishes we ordered. I did think they were alright.

So when our batch decided we would eat at Buenisimo, i was excited to finally be able to choose and try their dishes.

Complementary Bread and Balsamic Vinegar Dipping Sauce

I thought that their dipping sauce was pretty delicious! A good mix of sour and sweetness…hmmm i wonder if they sell bottles of these … i forgot to inquire.

Crisp Smoked Fish Wanton with Mango Salsa

True to its name, it was smoked fish in crispy wanton. I thought the smoked fish was a little bland and was overpowered by the salsa when mixed in a spoonful.

This was alright, i read in a review that it was fabulous so i guess i expected too much.

Spanish Cheese Sticks in Mustard Cream

These looked good and they probably were, because when my fork moved toward the platter i realized the mustard sauce was all that was left! hahaha!

Truffle Scented Wild Mushroom

This one i loved! Creamy and flavorful…delicious! Its big enough to be split into two servings.

Salmon Confit Salad

My friends kept reminding me to try this dish but i was too distracted…

By this!
Filleto ala Gino

You can choose what kind of steak this dish is to contain. A selection of Local Tenderloin, US Hanger or US Angus Prime Rib Eye.

I chose the US Hanger Steak, a cut that is said to “hang” from the diaphragm of the cow. This is also sometimes called the “butcher’s steak” and the name comes from the fact that there is only one hanger steak per animal so the butcher would sometimes keep this part for himself instead of putting it up for sale.

Despite this part of the steak being very flavorful due to its location near the kidneys of the cow, it is not particularly tender. For this reason, it is best cooked quickly over high heat and served rare or medium rare to avoid getting a tough plate of steak. Perfect for my penchant for that pink piece of meat.

But that’s not actually the reason why i ordered this dish…

I was getting the first slice of my steak when this rolled over to reveal my favorite part

the bone marrow! YUM! My only complaint was that the baby carrots could have been cooked longer. It was a bit tough and was left untouched on my plate

The dishes my friends ordered were just as delicious

Prawns Thermidore

This was really good, a dish i would order the next time we decide to dine here. The prawn meat cooked with cream and cheese, placed back in the prawns’ shell literally melts in your mouth.


A weekend special that is only served during Saturdays and Sundays (obviously!), that looked very tasty

I wonder what JM thought of his dish?!

Over all i had a great dinner with good company!

Buenisimo indeed!


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  1. Oh, those prawns thermidore are gorgeous!

    (Oh, and you can get the chocolate-covered pili nuts featured on my blog from Heavenly Chocolates. They’re located near the corner of T. Morato and Roces Ave.; just beside A Taste of LA.)

    Comment by Midge | December 20, 2009 | Reply

  2. wow, surf and turf for dinner! those prawns and steak are winking at me, lol 😀 …like you, my wife and i also just enjoyed a hearty dinner last night at chef’s quarter with our good friends. holiday season is indeed a good excuse to pig-out, hehe 🙂

    Comment by docgelo | December 20, 2009 | Reply

  3. wooow for the prawns! look yummy! 😛

    Merry Christmas Mitzi! 🙂

    Comment by dyanie | December 22, 2009 | Reply

  4. Hi Midge and Dyanie! the prawns were delicious! Thanks Midge for the info regarding the choco-pili and merry Christmas Dyanie!

    Hi Doc =) so true …


    Comment by mrs lavendula | December 24, 2009 | Reply

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