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discoveries after the wedding bells

A Delicious Brazilian Rodizio

Hubby could not stop talking about this place when he first visited Denver so it was a priority on our list of places to try

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A Satisfied Craving

When we got back from our vacation, the first thing I wanted was this

Osonho’s Peri Peri Chicken

I was craving for really juicy chicken and I was torn between Peri Peri or Chicken Bacolod, but Osonho’s herbed rice and nicer ambiance won me over

This time, I was able to finally try their famed Caldo Verde, which I failed to order the first time we visited. I think I may have expected too much. I mean, its not bad, but i didn’t find the soup that spectacular. A thick bowl of vegetable soup that tasted more like mushroom soup. It was, however, a good filler for a hungry tummy raring to have some chicken, and boy, was the chicken delicious!

My plate was a clean slate when I was done!

What do you crave the most after you come home from out of town?

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Thinking of Good Broth on a Rainy Day

Im stuck at home today because Lima was sent for repairs so I had nothing to do on such a gloomy, rainy day.
Makes me think of the really good Vietnamese restaurant we tried.

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Weekend Food Choices Week 21: Heroes Come in All Forms

For a while now I’ve been thinking about Efren Penaflorida Jr, CNN’s hero for 2009. After all the sad news that has plagued our country, its finally great to hear news that we could be proud of.

(from Pinoyambisyoso)

Now, who would have thought that tucked away in a little street in San Juan is a pizzeria that would equally make my day!

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If I Could Leave My Heart In San Francisco

What’s a visit to the wonderful city of SF if it’s not for this?

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