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Hirtia va fi albastra


the paper will be blue

this was unexpectedly a good film.  the approach of a flashback of a tragic ending being the first scene was genius!  yet the end shows a whole different point of view of the same tragic ending… hirtia va fi albastra was not heard!

my favorite character was Lt. Neagu.  he is the leader of the group of militia which the story revolves around.  why?  because he is the leader yet transparently cares for his men as seen by his efforts to locate costi one of his subordinates who, fired with patriotic fervor, ran off to fight for freedom (although the Lt. openly revealed that he would be “retired early” if he lost costi so his efforts to regain his man may have had personal reasons aside from “care”).  i guess i could say im able to emphatize with his character……  *is that bitterness i hear?!*

confession:  as in other government films i was a bit confused.  ok, ok, i was a lot confused most of the time.  the reason was, i had no background of romania’s history.  fortunately, after the film, someone from the romanian embassy gave us my much needed background.  how cool could that be?!

i always love discussions after a movie, especially a controversial one.  this passion is not shared by my hubby and i miss my sister for the chit chat after a film.  the open forum after hirtia va fi albastra was my salvation!  i left the theater with open eyes.

speaking of open eyes, we had a quick dinner at green tomato before watching and i pre-ordered while hubby was parking.  as usual i got their yummy thin crust pizza.  i had decided on peperoni, a safe choice because i knew hubby would want pizza also. lo and behold, he does not like peperoni! whhhaaaat!  after 14 years of being together i find out he does not like peperoni! they were not kidding when they said you learn something new everyday…..

i cannot wait for more cine europa!


September 19, 2008 - Posted by | Cine

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