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dont you just love good restaurant service?  we hurried to shang yesterday to catch “after the wedding”, denmarks entry in the cine europa.  it was going to start at 4:30pm and we got to the ticket booth at 3pm and it was already sold out! so sulkily we left and decided to just kill time before going to hubby’s friend, LL’s party.  after roaming around we went to cyma to grab a snack.  there were people waiting in line before us (as usual, as cyma is always packed) but because we just needed a table for 2 we were seated right away.  dont you just love when that happens.  our waiter was this bubbly guy who took our orders, gave us an estimate when our food will be served and gave us our drinks.  true enough even though the restaurant was full we were able to get our gyros in the estimated 15 minutes and were given all the condiments that we asked for in no time at all.  i tried the lettuce wrap chicken gyro which was delicious and filled me up just right.  service was excellent!

we then headed off to hubby’s friends for a mini birthday celebration.  after 5 hours and a lot of good laughs, i didnt really mind that we missed the movie.


September 21, 2008 - Posted by | Gastronomic experience

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