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A Tub of Worms

im home alone on a friday night because hubby went on a photo shoot with the boys.

what to do, what to do…

after i finished reading my favorite blogs, im feeling a bit sleepy and bored … and i find myself reaching for the tub of worms beside my laptop

i grew up familiar with a white van passing our strasse 2-3 times a week playing happy music luring children out of their homes like the pied piper, to buy gummibarchen. i was never a big fan of the original gummibar and would be content with indulging once in a while in these rubbery sweets.

it was a couple of months ago when i suddenly had a craving for sour gummies that i visited the candy aisle in the grocery, an aisle ive been trying to stay away from for a while now. dismayed that there were no sour gummi bears on stock, i settled for the sour worms by trolli instead. i just bought a little packet, thankful when i tasted the gummies because i knew i would not have been able to stop myself from finishing the whole pack if i had bought a large one.

but because hubby loves to indulge me in my cravings, he went to the grocery last week and surprised me with a tub of sour gummi worms!

my favorite would have to be the red and yellow worms because they are the most sour of the batch.  i can feel my salivary glands working as i write this blog!

these orange and green ones are for those who like their gummies on the sweeter side

and these red and blue ones, hold on let me see *chomp-chomp-chomp* i cant seem to describe it *chomp-chomp-chomp* ….. let me taste another one *chomp-chomp* … how can i describe them… well, hmmm, they’re … more neutral (for lack of a better description!)

ok, id better put these wigglies away before i finish them off!  goodness!  i can already see the bottom of the tub!


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