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Flipping Through Pages

ive always loved books.

infact, my favorite place as a child was the city library (obviously not in manila as i wish they would make libraries here more updated and enjoyable to visit). hubby has always dubbed me as a nerdy bookworm because of this fact but honestly, i’ve never outgrown my love for reading.

now, if it wasnt for Toni of Wifey Steps, i wouldnt have known yesterday was World Book Day!


April 23 has been chosen by UNESCO to promote reading, publishing and the protection of intellectual property. their aim is to encourage everyone, especially young people, to discover the pleasure of reading.

so here are my answers to Wifey Steps’ World Book Day questions:

1. What books are you currently reading?
Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

2. What books are on your to-be-read list?

* Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell
* Summer crossing by Truman Capote
* Dust by Martha Grimes
* Your first job by Neslson Dy
* Blue ocean strategy by Kim & Mauborgne

-my outlet for stress, aside from discovering new food finds that is, is hanging out at bookstores. now, during the past month’s stressful event, i had gone crazy book shopping which leaves me with a number of new books on my shelf still untouched!

3. What book/s would you recommend?
*To kill a mockingbird Harper Lee -such a moving novel and is one of my favorite!
*Orange girl by Jostein Gaarder – a book brilliantly composed!
*The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
– it talks about your “personal legend – what you have always wanted to accomplish. whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, it’s because it’s your mission on earth”. a wonderful read!

4. What book made you fall in love with reading?
Nancy Drew mysteries: the hidden staircase =)


i got so hooked with nancy drew when i was a kid!

5. Do you have a book collection you’re proud of?
ive been wanting to complete Jostein Gaarder’s novels but i just havent gotten around to doing it. some of his books are so hard to find! i think only 9 of his novels are translated in English but the rest are in Norwegian. So far the 3 books that i’ve read (Orange Girl, Solitaire Mystery, and Christmas Mystery) are really wonderful!  they start out with a classic plot but turn into a story so interesting its hard to put down.

Now its your turn to share…

what books have you been flipping through the pages of lately?


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Love for Classics

my love for books started when i was introduced to the library as i started school. back then i thought having a library card at the towns library was so grown up! hahaha!

i heard mass at greenbelt and visited national bookstore to calm my nerves. running through the tables of books on sale took my mind off the stress.

title after title i looked as if i knew there must be a good buy among these seemingly unwanted hardbound pages. after 3 tables, and a number of precious minutes i should have been spending somewhere else, a smaller book caught my attention because of its yellow and blue cover and more so with the name Truman Capote in bold letters.


i did not see either of the two movies about the life of Capote because, well, hubby and i are not really into such films.


but i know this literary genius from his novel breakfast at tiffany’s which was made into a film that cast audrey hepburn as the main character holly golightly in the 60’s. this film started my penchant for classic movies after i had bought a copy during the days when i had more time to spare and i have been a turner classic channel fan ever since.


and so with just damage of P49 in my slowly dwindling funds, i decided to get capote’s novel Summer Crossing.

on my way back to my makeshift review table for the day, i read the excerpt on the dust jacket of my new find.

i found out that breakfast at tiffany’s and in cold blood were the two novels capote was more famous for but summer crossing, the novel turned treasure in my hands, was his first novel written at the age of 19, after starting out his career as an author for short fiction stories.


there’s more…


apparently, capote had, for one reason or another, claimed to have destroyed the manuscripts of summer crossing and it was considered lost work. however, in the 60’s capote’s housekeeper got hold of the literary piece and stole it. it was not until 2004 that it was found and later printed!

interestingly enough, capote was a good friend of harper lee

who authored of one of my favorite classic novel, to kill a mockingbird!

the character of the author, an interesting storyline coupled with intrigue surrounding the novels manuscript, is just too much to bare!  i cant wait to start reading Summer Crossing!

(the info and the photos other than that of regandmitzi2009 are care of this site )

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