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Today i wish i could lounge & watch TCM movies the whole day.  Most classic movies are surprisingly entertaining & comical!  Im not really sure why but i love watching old movies just like im fond of watching foreign film.  Must be my propensity for the unusual. There is an audrey hepburn film festival at rockwell mall which i had wanted to go to but my conscience will eat me through if i dont attend to more pressing matters so i passed.
The lure of a newly opened food place however is always a strong temptation i cannot resist. After all, eating is a necessary activity. So sunday snack before work was spent at elberts cheesesteak at rockwell.


Hubby & i (both very much carnivores) had waited impatiently for its opening ever since we saw the “soon to open” sign.

Ive heard a lot about this place from people who were able to try the cheesesteak on opening day & i was eager to see for myself.

I ordered d provolone cheesesteak & hubby tried the unadulterated philly steak sandwich.


The bread they used was definitely one of the best ive tasted. Its a soft baguette which to hubby’s pleasure did not need too much pull to get a bite. The cheesesteak sandwhich had sweet white onions drizzled on top of it.  Now i love white onions but they placed it right where the two sides of the bread were parted.  It sort of made it difficult to eat because the onions kept falling off while i chomped on the sandwich, which i hated because i love white onions!!!  i wish they placed some inside with the steak so that you still have onions to eat after spilling the ones on top.

Ok, ok, i know, you want to hear about the steak…well, i decided to save the best for last!

The steak meat was deliciously soft, just like i imagined it!  Sliced into thin strips with provolone cheese melted onto the steak.  the meat was scrumptious and i wish there was more of it!


Admittedly, finishing a whole cheesesteak sandwich is for the hungry. I however found that i tasted more of the good bread than the delicious steak meat and that the serving gave just a hint of the provolone cheese as opose to the smothering cheese taste i like.  For the price of P390 i thought this sandwich was a little pricey. Its worth trying once for curious cheese loving carnivores like me but i dont think a regular visit is in plan. elberts cheesesteak is good, but the price is a little too exuberant for frugal old me especially without commensurate uniqueness to the dish (like uber extra provolone cheese pretty please…).

ok, back to reality…were having sisig tonight!!! hehehe!


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