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Burning Our Palate

i never really cared for spicy dishes until hubby introduced me to the hot sauce back in college. after that, the search for heat in our dishes has always been a must. of course hubby, the veteran that he is, loves his food really hot while i just like it mild.

last night the new episode of CSI Vegas was available for our viewing and so we decided to munch on nachos and some home made salsa.

now, if it was just all up to me, i would grab some ready made salsa in the grocery and have been content with that.  but because hubby is more adventurous, he decided to get canned stewed tomatoes and a bottle of jalapeno.


i thought i would research for salsa recipes but hubby decided to just experiment


no recipe needed, hubby chopped onions


placed them in them in the blender with the jalapeno


and then dunked the stewed tomatoes in the mixture and hit the pulse button


it looked alright as we transferred the mixture into our bowl.  and as hubby sampled his little experiment, a smile crept onto his lips and i knew he did well!


…oh, the new episode of CSI was pretty interesting, much better than the disappointing 200th episode if i may say!


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Treating the Mechanic

hubby has always been a DIY guy and it has definitely come in very handy for us and most of our relatives.  sometimes i just watch him in awe as he takes on a mechanical problem and ends up with a fixed gadget no matter how new the contraption may be.  i asked him once how he knew what to do and he simply said, “its logic.”  hmm, then that means the rest of the world and i have not very much logic …

Lima needed some tweaking and hubby gladly took to the dash and got engrossed with her wiring like a little kid with his science project.  i on the other hand, had no part in the process and just pondered on todays newspaper.  i didnt really mind because i dont really find interest in such things.

when all was well, we took to the road to reward my personal mechanic *grin*.


the cibo in rockwell right outside the chapel always look like a happy place to be in. probably because the stores all around cater to children, thus you’re surrounded with giddy little toddlers running around as if the world was their playground. this is a far cry from the restaurant downstairs near starbucks which need some interior renovations.

as usual the place was full and we were fourth on the waiting list. after 15 minutes of resisting temptation from window shopping, we headed back and found our table being vacated.

a visit to cibo is never complete without their refreshing foamy iced tea

and their delicious chicken liver pate dip

pate di fegato. crostini

pate di fegato. crostini

this luscious pate is one of the best ive ever had. the creamy mixture has just the right bitter sweet flavor that sends signals to your brain to release happy endorphins. it is that good! hubby and i are very happy with this dish because the serving is generous and often, we have left over pate to take home despite munching on the crostini lathered spread to our hearts content.

tonight i was not as hungry because i had a late lunch and finished my box of royce’ potato chip chocolate so i decided a panini would do. i had initially wanted the roast pork panini but they were out so second choice it was.

verdure tartufato

verdure tartufato

this panini is created with asparagus, zucchini, fontina and truffle paste sandwiched in slices of grilled tuscan whole wheat.

the bread was beautifully grilled

grilled tuscan whole wheat

grilled tuscan whole wheat

but i thought the filling was a little thin

asparagus, zucchini, fontina, truffle paste

asparagus, zucchini, fontina, truffle paste

however, upon sinking your teeth into the sandwich, you realize that the filling has just enough of each ingredient to blend into a mixture of wonderful flavors. sprinkle some rock salt onto your piece before popping into your mouth and …. yuuuuum!

the mechanic was his predictable self and got pasta.

linguine de valentino

linguine di valentino

the al dente pasta is drowned in crab meat, stewed tomatoes, chili peppers and cream. it was sooo good! nothing beats my blue cheese pasta in gourmand but this is definitely in the running.

satisfied with our dinner, we headed across to lulu belle to top of with dessert.

natural and strawberry yogurt swirl

natural and strawberry yogurt swirl

life is good!

(photos taken by my Omnia -we forgot our LX3 in the dry cabinet!!)

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