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Choosing Well In Life

We were often told that a bowl with something in it is either half empty or half full depending on your outlook, but being optimistic about an empty bowl is a whole different ballgame …it takes a lot of faith and experience

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Weekend Food Choices Week 83: Buffet Options

I know we said we would stay away from buffets but we just couldn’t help it..

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Choi-ces that lead to happy endings

blessings have been pouring in recently and i could not be happier!

now, im not one to believe in luck because ive never really been very “lucky” in the full sense of word.  ive never been a magnet for winning guessing games and raffles and anything else that relies purely on serendipity.

and so when blessings do come my way, id like to think that these are opportunities (given by the higher being) which i did not fail to recognize and make good use of.

lets just say, im a believer of destiny by choice…

a couple of weeks ago before my nerve wracking experience, i had a craving for siopao (again!)  and so hubby tried to cheer me up by treating me to an almost authentic chinese dinner

Mr. Choi Kitchen


now if you remember we had lunch at another branch of this restaurant to celebrate the opening of the beijing olympics (hehehe!  just another excuse to eat out!).

the occasion this time? well, a pre celebration of hubby’s bday and the anticipation my day of reckoning.


i wanted to try their sio long pao


which turned out not to be the best ive tasted but fair enough to try once.

we ordered the ever ubiquitous yang chow fried rice






and pata tim (yes, again! hehehe!)


and hubby’s favorite, crispy noodles


and of course, my siopao!


it looked yuuum!

the bread was just the way i like it, compact but not cottony.  but i did wish the filling was a bit more meaty.


despite the little snags, i was filled to the brim (still with a doggie bag to take home) and happily satisfied to last me a week-and-a-half to THE day!

now everyone knows ive been burrying myself under the pages of that green gigantic book of mine.  it was not easy with my literary past time becoming a great temptation.

as if there was not enough stress to go around, as the day of my qualifying approached, i submitted an application to join a secret society of foodies.

ok, ok, its not really a secret society but the response to my application seemed like i was applying for a prestigious university! hehehe!


and because i realized that im as easily distracted as a child with ADHD now a days, i mandated focus by emptying my wallet in exchange for caffeine and solitude.

in the end, it was all worth it, including the hole in my pocket!  I PASSED!  and nothing is more gratifying than a great desire satisfied by perseverance and success (with of course a very special blessing).

oh, and as if that wasnt enough to keep me grinning for quite some time, the “secret society of foodies” have decided my literary skills are worthy and have accepted me as one of their members! whoohoo!

my blog has been accepted and will now be listed in the foodie blog roll!

The Foodie Blog Roll

sacrifices do seem like punishment forced upon us as means to our goals.  but wise choices, no matter how difficult, will eventually lead to very happy endings…and so i learned.

ok, time to look for more food adventures!

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