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Good Noodles

It’s lightly raining outside and I’m nursing a bad cold a day before Christmas and amidst all the holiday preparations there is one thing I can’t stop thinking about

a bowl of Masuki’s delicious noodles

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Weekend Food Choices Week 23: Clearing Clutter to Welcome New Blessings

I’ve been wanting to get rid of some a lot of stuff in our room, and last weekend i finally convinced hubby that his precious tools and computer parts can find their new home in the attic to make room for his new gadgets.

Because it took us the whole day to clear all our clutter, our weekend plans were side tracked and we ended up buying take out for this week’s episode of Fringe.

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Weekend Food Choices Week 11: A Craving Satisfied

I was craving for some good Chinese food so here goes…

Weekend Food Choices:

  1. Kopi Tiam
  2. Mr. Choi
  3. Mongkok

Our Choice

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When Simple Can Mean Great

i still find it so amazing how sometimes, simple things turn out to be wonderfully great!

hubby has been suggesting we eat at Luk Yuen Noodle House for the longest time and because i have never really heard of this place from my friends, ive never taken a second look.  the simple interiors and no fuss ambiance didnt really interest me (although in retrospect, i do remember that the restaurant always seemed to be full)

tonight i was craving for dimsum and because Luk Yuen was just outside the chapel where we heard mass today, hubby finally had a good reason to buy me dinner there.

Luk Yuen

the place was almost full when we got in and after entering the door, i waited for someone to usher us to our seats but hubby just went in, picked a table and it was ours. he frequented this restaurant a long time ago and knew his way around. hehehe!

our table was quickly set with dimsum saucers and chopsticks as the waiter handed us the menu.

it didnt take us too long to decide what we wanted to eat and within 5 minutes of taking our orders, our food were served!  the service was fast and satisfactory for such a packed place!

we ordered hot and sour soup

Luk Yuen-2

this had just the right sourness to it. an order is actually big enough for two. you just have to ask for an extra bowl to share.

my always on the table siopao came next

Luk Yuen-3the jumbo Hong Kong siopao is huge!

Luk Yuen-7

as we opened the bread, warm steam escaped the dimsum and revealed meat and egg filling

Luk Yuen-8

i love this siopao! the bread is sweet and soft and stuffed with loads of egg and meat! its sooo good! blogging about it makes me want another one!  i definitely found a good place to get my favorite dimsum when im craving!

the pork siomai was served

Luk Yuen-4

this was so delicious!

the braised noodles with seafood came next

Luk Yuen-5

hubby was a little disappointed at how this dish looked because it seemed like a regular plate of noodles. but when we tasted it, our minds were blown away! the sauce was so good, and the shrimp plump and juicy, the veggies were crunchy and the mushrooms cooked just right for that soft, chewy goodness! im serious, this is a must order!

main course (yes, that was just for starters hahaha!) was supposed to be roasted duck but they were unfortunately out of stock so we settled for peppercorn spare ribs

Luk Yuen-6

this dish looked deliciously crunchy but it sort of ended there. although the flavors were great, the meat was a bit tough. it was too bad because this dish has a lot of potential. we had this with their yang chow fried rice, both of which were half spared for take away.

dessert was surprisingly picked by hubby (not the sweet tooth between the two of us)

Luk Yuen-9

the bowl of almond jelly with lychees was a great ending to our scrumptious meal because it was neither too sweet nor bland. it was a good thing too that we ordered just one because the bowl was packed with almond jelly from bottom to brim!

Luk Yuen-10

as we were winding down waiting for our bill, i was looking at the next table where a family of four was seated.  i was pointing out to hubby that they ordered less than we did!  i had to snicker when i realized that they even had enough for a whole bag of take away!  ooohh, i feel like such a hog!

when the waiter handed us our bill in less than 5 minutes after we asked for it, i was surprised that it was under P900!  seriously!  ok, i admit it, i love this place!!  not only were most of the dishes we ordered a hit and so affordable, service is fast and efficient!

my mom would love this place. ill have to take her here on her next visit to manila! i cant help but think back when she used to give me lessons in life which i now apply (or at least try to) in my daily affairs.

you were right mom, simple could actually be great! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

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Choi-ces that lead to happy endings

blessings have been pouring in recently and i could not be happier!

now, im not one to believe in luck because ive never really been very “lucky” in the full sense of word.  ive never been a magnet for winning guessing games and raffles and anything else that relies purely on serendipity.

and so when blessings do come my way, id like to think that these are opportunities (given by the higher being) which i did not fail to recognize and make good use of.

lets just say, im a believer of destiny by choice…

a couple of weeks ago before my nerve wracking experience, i had a craving for siopao (again!)  and so hubby tried to cheer me up by treating me to an almost authentic chinese dinner

Mr. Choi Kitchen


now if you remember we had lunch at another branch of this restaurant to celebrate the opening of the beijing olympics (hehehe!  just another excuse to eat out!).

the occasion this time? well, a pre celebration of hubby’s bday and the anticipation my day of reckoning.


i wanted to try their sio long pao


which turned out not to be the best ive tasted but fair enough to try once.

we ordered the ever ubiquitous yang chow fried rice






and pata tim (yes, again! hehehe!)


and hubby’s favorite, crispy noodles


and of course, my siopao!


it looked yuuum!

the bread was just the way i like it, compact but not cottony.  but i did wish the filling was a bit more meaty.


despite the little snags, i was filled to the brim (still with a doggie bag to take home) and happily satisfied to last me a week-and-a-half to THE day!

now everyone knows ive been burrying myself under the pages of that green gigantic book of mine.  it was not easy with my literary past time becoming a great temptation.

as if there was not enough stress to go around, as the day of my qualifying approached, i submitted an application to join a secret society of foodies.

ok, ok, its not really a secret society but the response to my application seemed like i was applying for a prestigious university! hehehe!


and because i realized that im as easily distracted as a child with ADHD now a days, i mandated focus by emptying my wallet in exchange for caffeine and solitude.

in the end, it was all worth it, including the hole in my pocket!  I PASSED!  and nothing is more gratifying than a great desire satisfied by perseverance and success (with of course a very special blessing).

oh, and as if that wasnt enough to keep me grinning for quite some time, the “secret society of foodies” have decided my literary skills are worthy and have accepted me as one of their members! whoohoo!

my blog has been accepted and will now be listed in the foodie blog roll!

The Foodie Blog Roll

sacrifices do seem like punishment forced upon us as means to our goals.  but wise choices, no matter how difficult, will eventually lead to very happy endings…and so i learned.

ok, time to look for more food adventures!

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