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the busy body tries schublig

i had a hectic day today.

i started with my favorite classic hot chocolate with a shot of espresso and headed to QC to do some registration errands.  it took me more time going to and fro than the time i spent doing what i went there to do!  traffic is really bad in edsa now a days even if its way past 9am!  all those late employees!  geez!!  i was happy to be leisurely seated in the back seat with a schedule in my own hands!

when i got to the mall i had time to get a drink and inquire about gym membership fees (all that eating is making me bulky!  so im thinking of investing on gym membership) and when the mall officially opened i went straight to the clothes shops and got a few items for Vday and Bday (excuses, excuses!).

i finished shopping just in time to meet couple JM & MH and our seniors GQ & GJ for a treat at 7 corners by our wonderful consultant LC!  i had sashimi, sushi, lamb chops and…

dried apricots with pistachio tepanyaki and chocolate mallows

dried apricots with pistachio teppanyaki and chocolate mallows

yes, i found my dried apricots!!!

now i remember where i saw them, in the spiral buffet and not at the grocery!  luckily 7 corners also has them!  oh well, so now if i get the craving again, ill have to ask hubby to treat me to a buffet!  hehehe! (whatever!)

after stuffing ourselves silly i headed to get some much neglected review time at starbucks with a cup of chai latte and then headed to mass where i was just in time for the novena.

when i got out of church i received a message from my good friend HL telling me that she was in the mall so i decided to visit their stall and indulge hubby in a midnight snack.


Schublig 4F West Wing Robinsons Galleria

SCHUBLIG is a traditional Swiss sausage. It’s made with select cuts of beef and pork, mixed with our special blend of spices, non-fat dried milk, and onions, fine ground, and lightly smoked to perfection.

Hungarian with Cheese

Hungarian with Cheese

this was honestly a delicious piece of sausage!  this was recommended because hubby is fond of hot (as in spicy) dishes.  the spices blended well with the cheese interspersed into the meat and the bread was firm and held form yet soft enough to complement the schublig (i was told this was handpicked from a number of buns for its just right consistency).  have it with the works (mayo, ketchup and mustard) and you’re sure to feel like you could gobble up another one!  YUUUMMMY!  when business picks up it would be great to have tables and chairs around the stall so that diners could sit and chat and maybe order seconds…  =)

what a gastronomic day!  till my next indulgence…

4F West Wing
near the arcade and skybowl billards and bowling
Robinsons Galleria
Ortigas, Pasig City
On the menu
Hungarian with cheese P89
Schublig P89
Frankfurter P79
Beef Kranier P79
Garlic P75


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