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discoveries after the wedding bells

A Peferfect Evening at My Kitchen

My Kitchen-2

It’s been more than a month since our last post but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been eating anything interesting…on the contrary we’ve discovered some really great dishes and i’m more than excited to start posting away…
In between Christmas and the new year, the lovely couple Drs AA & DC took us to dinner

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Weekend Food Choices Week 77: A Pizzeria Option

Last weekend i was craving for thin crust pizza

Since my default Italian restaurant in Rockwell closed down to give way to the new Japanese shabu-shabu, hubby took me to a new pizzeria

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Weekend Food Choices Week 54: Staycation

Because it will be a while until i can go on a real vacation, Hubby decided to treat me to a staycation for the long weekend and for a while it seemed like the weekend took forever to get here

Hubby kept where we were going a secret, and as we headed towards the airport i lightly joked that i had forgotten my passport at home. But really now, we both knew that wont be happening until a couple more years due to work. So we turned short of the airport into the Marriott.

I had tried getting reservations here a couple of months ago only to be turned down because they were fully booked so i was, to say the least, very excited

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