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Weekend Food Choices Week 92: A Carnivore’s Take on Saving Planet Earth

Before Hubby went on his long out of town trip, we decided to have dinner at one of the restaurants carnivore foodies have been talking about for some time now.

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Sweet Getaway -an Epilogue

we love breakfast

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Weekend Food Choices Week 65: Rib and BBQ

One weekend hubby and i noticed a number of cars parked in the school building at the end of our street and to our delight it was a newly opened ribs and bbq place

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Weekend Food Choices Week 24: A European Weekend

No hubby did not take me to Europe for the weekend (how i wish!) *snicker*

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Weekend Food Choices: Trying Something New, Somewhere Familiar

Its the second week of our little game of Sunday meal out planning

Weekend Food Choices:
1. Racks
2. Ukkokei Ramen
3. New Bombay

Our pick:

we arrived at around 12 noon and the place was just starting to fill up.  however, we waited for around a minute, standing at the restaurants entrance before someone came to seat us.  we could tell that the place was undermanned, with i think just 3 waiters and a manager to see that the diners were taken cared of.  if im not mistaken, the place had more than 15 tables where 4 or more diners could be seated.  when our waiter came to take our orders,  i couldnt help but feel that she had the “would you please make up your mind” aura.  in fairness to her, she was courteous to us, but i could tell she had to rush off to serve other diners.  i couldnt help but feel i was in a fast food restaurant.

we of course wanted ribs, but we initially couldnt decide if we wanted their original recipe, the baby back ribs, or the beef ribs…


it has been a very long time since we ate at racks. i think it has been years! but i remember that it was their very tender ribs and delicious sauce that got us hooked when the restaurant first opened.

now, i dont seem to remember that there was a hot version of their delicious sauce but hubby said it was there from the beginning……maybe i just wasnt interested in hot sauces in the past.

we started our meal with their clam chowder

this was a thick soup that was loaded with texture. it was surprisingly tasty!  something i’d definitely order again.

hubby decided to order the half rack beef ribs to try something new, as we have been ordering pork ribs for the past couple of sundays. our beef ribs arrived after 15 minutes just as our waiter said.

the half rack turned out to be 2 ribs on a platter. it came with a small bowl of sweet beans and 2 slices of corn bread with a siding of pickled papaya.  the beef ribs looked like a healthy choice since it had less (or none at all) of the fat that we’re so used to with pork ribs.  the serving however looked small for two people , or i thought.

it did live up to my expectations, as the meat fell off the bones easily.  as i began to cut the soft meat on my plate, i thought, wow, its actually all meat!  *secretly wishing there were more fat* …im such a cholesterol fan!  hahaha!

drizzled with the restaurants signature sauce, i took my first bite…

the beef ribs were actually good, the smoky flavor from the flame grilling was just as i liked it.  and after finishing my half of the serving, i was actually satiated.

as evidence, i dont think you could get any more fall off the bone than this

but i think i’ll stick to pork ribs next time *wink*

nota bene:

as we were billing out, a perky male waiter caught my eye, answering diners requests with a big smile.  even when he would be stopped in his tracks by a cutomer at a table he’d pass by oh his way to an errand, he would answer to their needs as if he was genuinely happy to comply.  now if only the waiters in this restaurant were all like that…

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