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i am restless…

you know that feeling when too many things are happening at the same time and you’re like a child during christmas eve, apprehensive and excited all at once?  well, its the eve before march and i am restless.  there are very important events this month and i think im going to faint!  maybe its the triple shot of espresso i had this afternoon or maybe its really just the jitters about new challenges and responsibilities.  maybe a bit or more of both…

ive always liked predictability and the OC in me have always controlled the environment such that second guessing is to the minimum.  but we all know we cant always get our way all the time.

id like to think i came from a humble beginning.  but because it seems fate has constantly tried to be on my side, everything ive wished for have somehow all come true! *talk about the power of suggestion!*  yet there are more things to achieve and a couple more narrow paths to trod.

maybe i just need to relax and let things fall into place, as they often will whether fidgety or not!  maybe i just need to eat something good to take my mind off the stressfull couple of weeks ahead *aaarrrggghhh*

welcome march, welcome sleepless nights, welcome success, welcome my dark green legacy!



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