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Weekend Food Choices week 106: Ramen Recruits

With all the ramen stores opening shop, this blog has certainly begun to look like a ramen review central. But where do you take friends who have heard endless raves from us about good broth but still have a relatively clean slate when it comes to ramen tasting?

Start with the basics, that’s what i say!
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New Discoveries


All my friends know that i love discovering new food places especially when they offer innovations to the usual comfort dishes. So when a new “all day breakfast” place serving a twist to the common comfort food opened near the workplace, i just had to give it a try -for dinner mind you…

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Weekend Food Choices Week 60: Artisanal Ramen

Our good friends know that we are always on a hunt for good ramen. So it’s to no one’s surprise that when we heard about the soft opening of Nomama we just had to book a reservation

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