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less reservations please

its been a little over a week since people started fussing about the showing of anthony bourdain’s visit to the philippines.


i remember 4 months ago when i found out the crew of no reservations were in the philippines and i immediately sent a message to AB (knowing full well he would not answer fan comments such as mine) asking him where he might visit. if he was anywhere near, i wanted to get into the hype! of course i found out my fellow carnivore stayed in sofitel way after he left manila and resolved to just watching the episode when it came out.

i almost forgot the whole thing after the long wait until kitchen cow blogged about it.  and after a few days, 3 to be exact, right on my special day, hubby surprised me with the episode!!! such a thoughtful gesture!

and so, after all the excitement and suspense, here is what i thought about the episode.

i was a bit disappointed. no reservations has a lot of pinoy fans and from pressure drop, you could tell AB knew. maybe it was the pressure that got to him but you could tell he was not his usual witty, smart aleck self.

i remember watching the vietnam episode and cracking up like crazy on how production portrayed the different dish experiences of the country. i did not see this in the philippine episode.

on the good side, they did feature some wonderful meat dishes, truly pinoy! and he could not stop raving about the lechon. this is of course is no surprise. after watching the pig roast to a perfectly even golden color, and repeated crunchy bites on the thin crumbly skin (ok, now im officially hungry and hoping dinner is fatty!), how could he not love our wonderful cebu lechon?! thank you to market manila, now internationally better known as “pig man” for showing AB how a decent pig is roasted (and eaten!).

a down pour of fan comments (im #478) on AB’s philippine episode after he blogged about it, showing full well the episode was very much anticipated.  but  even if im one of those fans who was a bit disappointed, i still love the show.  i do hope no reservations come back to manila to try out the other wonderful dishes the country has to showcase, with less reservations please…


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