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Christmas Eve Peculiarities

It’s been a long time since i’ve had noche buena (midnight celebration).

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Our Little Game of Weekend Food Choices

i was listless last week and decided i needed help with our usual weekend planning so hubby and i decided that each week on a friday he would name 3 restaurants of his choice and i would pick which one we would eat at for our “sunday meal out” (ok, it was actually my idea and hubby just gave in to my little game! hehehe!)

So for last weekend, hubby’s choices were:
MyThai (Eastwood Mall)
New Bombay (Podium)
Banapple (Katipunan)

My choice:

I know this has been in existence forever. ive actually passed by this place a couple of times and have heard good things about the dishes here, but we’ve never really tried banapple mainly because its a little out of our way.

when we got there at a little past 6pm the parking was full except for 1 space which we gladly took. the restaurant was small with only about 10 square tables, all of which were taken when we arrived. fortunately 2 diners were finishing up their cake and we were seated in less than 5 minutes.

hubby was set on ordering pasta as he had heard good feedback about banapple’s pasta dishes so it didnt take long for him to order the fettuccine jacintha

this creamy carbonara dish was heavenly. the dish was so large, 2-3 people could actually share the pasta. but ok, we did finish it just between the two of us! hehehe!

at the time we were ordering, we didnt know the pasta would actually be enough for our dinner so i ordered another dish supposedly for me. i was torn between the the pan fried porkloin with herb mushroom gravy and the hickory smoked barbecue country ribs, but in the end the ribs won…

i was expecting the ribs to be bony but it was actually all meat. the meat was very tender and with a generous layer of fat (cholesterol check!).

because the two dishes were fit for 3-4 people we decided to finish the pasta and take home the rest of the ribs for hubby’s lunch the next day. after all, i wanted to leave room for dessert.

i stood in front of the cake display for maybe a full 3 minutes before i chose a cake. they all looked lovely! i wanted to try their banoffie or pecan pie but hubby might not like it. the strawberry amaretto looked delicious but looked quite heavy and so i settled for the white chocolate truffle berry.

this big pastry slice had smooth whipped layers of white chocolate and berries on a graham crust. this was a perfect pair with my hot cinnamon tea.

as we drove home happily stuffed, i told hubby “that was a good dinner!” and he smiled in agreement!

i wonder where our little weekend food choices will lead us next……

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