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Weekend Food Choices Week 89: Caution…Definitely Habit Forming

Hubby and i were looking for something new to try so we headed to the Fort Strip to try the Cheese Steak Shop Manila Food Truck

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Weekend Food Choices Week 79: Splurge on Comfort Food

Pizza is my comfort food.
In fact, if there was a meal you could feed me under any situation, pizza would be the one

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Weekend Food Choices Week 55: Big Daddy’s Angus Beef Burger

I was craving for a patty of angus so we headed to the ortigas home depot to Big Daddy’s

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Holy Cow!

i always get excited when a new restaurant opens and today was no exception.


ive seen this restaurant before at trinoma, or so we thought (as docgelo pointed out it looks like holy cow trinoma is a totally different place).  im glad that at that time the ambiance of madison grill drew us to it and without regret as we had the yummiest baby back ribs.

i was hoping holy cow at the 3rd floor of Mega Atrium would be a treat as well.


once settle in one of the booth seats, we scanned the menu and decided on baked onion soup, creamy carbonara, and the blade steak.

while we were waiting for our orders to come, we were taking note of the interiors.


the restaurant had a cowboy theme with various articles on the walls and large wheels on the ceiling that served as chandeliers.


the ambiance was just right for our casual friday looks.

we were served complementary hot off the oven bread sticks


this was nice and warm. hubby said it tasted like meat and that’s because on closer inspection the bread had sprinkles of something like bacon bits on it.

hubby ordered white grape tea which he liked.


after about 5 minutes our steak was served.


majority of the steaks in holy cow menu comes with 2 side dishes. you could pick among potato croquet, french fries, veggies, grilled corn, onion rings, steamed or garlic rice or mashed potatoes.


we like our steak medium rare and the steak was cooked perfectly. grilled on the outside and juicy reddish pink inside.  the meat was tender and


hubby and i loved the ranch dip of the onion rings.

our creamy carbonara was served next


this dish was cooked perfectly. the noodles were al dente and the sauce enveloped each in a creamy bath. it was delicious!

we were enjoying our food so much that we forgot our soup had not yet been served. it soon came piping hot.


the baked onion soup had a generous serving of onions in broth topped with bread and cheese. im guessing the cheese is not purely mozzarella and i felt the bread was a little too thick for the soup.  but the hot soup hit the right spot and made the little glitch forgivable.

for a restaurant on their first day, holy cow at mega atrium displayed very good service.  the waiters were very attentive and the manager did his rounds greeting the diners.  there is nothing better than good food, than good food provided with good service!  i hope they keep this up because the delicious food we had this evening tells me that we’ll surely be back.

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