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discoveries after the wedding bells

Weekend Food Choices Week 68: Holiday with Family

This weekend was filled with good food made even better because it was shared with family
a pretty fruit basket from Ninong R & beautiful wife C

For the past couple of years, the family of hubby’s cousin (who are, if i may say, as enthusiastic about food as hubby and i) has been spending the holidays with us and it has always been so much fun with them around…

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Only One Thing on My List

A few minutes into 2011, i was asked by C what my new years resolutions were and for a couple of seconds i tried to answer but only in vain.

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10 Things I Learned in the Last Decade

It seemed that everyone was extremely busy over the holidays. This year i decided to throw caution to the wind and watched (and inadvertently inhaled the smoke of) the fireworks outside the confines of my home for the first time in my life.

It was fun & scary at the same time.

After all the activities outside, I amaturely hosted our small new years eve celebration

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