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Solo Food Adventure: Fish & Chips

Today marks my last Solo Food Adventure for this year since Hubby will be coming home tomorrow *excited*.
I wanted something light and Chuck’s Grub was the perfect place to go.

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Trick or Treat

Hubby finally convinced me to get Umi cleaned…on one condition though
that he buy me some milk tea before we go get a car wash

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Life is…

Life is filled with choices
much like the seemingly endless array of bubble tea shops,
different people will have different choices for different reasons…respect is key
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It has been a month since i got giddy at the site of this

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When Spontaneous is Delicious

Have you ever gotten into your car with no definite place to go?

After lunch, hubby and i got ready to leave, and hopped into our car for a day of spontaneity.  Our road trip lead us to a small restaurant in Banawe called Ersao.

Once inside, we realized that this restaurant was a milk tea shop serving Chinese food.

the counter was filled with Asian goodies ranging from Japanese mini cakes to chips

at the corner of the small restaurant, there was a freezer with the shop’s ingredients, some for sale

there was also a wall of shelves with Asian condiments you could purchase

after some musing, I ordered my favorite taro milk tea and hubby had a watermelon fruit shake

these beverages were very refreshing

and because i wanted to make the most of the spontaneous mood, i ordered QQ Pao

i didnt even know what this exactly was when i ordered it, but a mouthful told me i ordered good!  it had spicy ground pork with a sweet gelatinous covering.  i was told that the covering was made of sweet potato.  i know it sounds odd, but the dimsum was delicious!

hubby on the other hand ordered a predictable favorite

this beef noodle soup was very tasty!
the noodles were flavored by the tender beef cubes swimming in a steaming delicious broth.  this bowl is actually big enough for sharing, if you’re just snacking that is!

and as we finished slurping our warm noodle soup, i thought, i never knew spontaneity was so delicious!

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