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Weekend Food Choices Week 54: Staycation

Because it will be a while until i can go on a real vacation, Hubby decided to treat me to a staycation for the long weekend and for a while it seemed like the weekend took forever to get here

Hubby kept where we were going a secret, and as we headed towards the airport i lightly joked that i had forgotten my passport at home. But really now, we both knew that wont be happening until a couple more years due to work. So we turned short of the airport into the Marriott.

I had tried getting reservations here a couple of months ago only to be turned down because they were fully booked so i was, to say the least, very excited

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Weekend Food Choices Week 28: In Celebration of a Routine’s Return

Two weeks of the daily grind is finally over and this weekend was the first one out with hubby in almost a month! After work, mine that is (because who else works during the weekends!), we decided to have a late lunch just outside my new work place

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je suis gourmand

since i am a person who appreciates good food (je suis gourmand), this restaurant at the ground floor of net one seemed like a good place for our post vday dinner!

hubby called for reservations which was well and good because as we were having our dinner the restaurant filled up all the tables as far as i could see. the place is cozy despite the fine dining flair. the waiters are well versed and were attentive to the needs of the gourmands at the restaurant. chef marc aubrey even made his rounds at the tables greeting the diners.

i was hungry from a whole day of doing my lecture and i knew what i wanted

roasted bone marrow with mushrooms

roasted bone marrow with mushrooms

ive never had bone marrow before aside from the greasy bulalo and so, to me this dish was a little subdued, heart attack tasting wise.  you can see the glistening rounded mush of bone marrow on the plate which was much more firm than the bulalo version and when eaten doesnt leave a greasy taste in your mouth.

hubby ordered his favorite gratinated french onion soup

so sorry for the lousy photo, the candle gave a flare and we just couldnt take another shot because we wanted to taste it already!!! it was pretty delicious but hubby said he still preferred the french onion soup at fridays in minneapolis because it had a thicker cheese top.

for the main course hubby ordered his staple

grilled lamb trio

grilled lamb trio

this dish is for lamb lovers, it includes lamb chops, tenderloin and marquez sausages. although i must warn you the sausages are HOT! as in spicy hot! he paired this with mapu red wine from chile.

i on the other hand went with my love for cheese

blue cheese linguini carbonara with roasted smoked bacon

blue cheese linguine carbonara with roasted smoked bacon

i loved my pick! the linguine was smothered in delectable blue cheese. it was so smooth and blended well with the smoked bacon and succulent prawns! this is a must try although i do warn you that the love for blue cheese is an acquired taste because of its strong taste and distinct odor. i paired this with french colombelle white wine which had a sweet fruity taste just right for me!

for our dessert i was torn between the creme brulee and the home made fresh grape sherbet

white chocolate and dried apricot creme brulee

white chocolate and dried apricot creme brulee

however the dried apricot gave the creme brulee the winning edge!

je suis stuffed!

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ive never been a fan of jim carey, well, because i find him too over acting (i know, i know, that’s his job for goodness sake!) but tonight, hubby got free passes to Yes Man and because the reviewer had nothing better to do, a trip to the movies it was.

armed with my signature hot chocolate (non fat, no whip, extra hot), we took our seats and well, we laughed our heads off!  it was, surprisingly, a good movie!  it was funny without over doing it.  i particularly loved this jumper song scene

positively themed movies are definitely what i need these days.  i guess no matter how far you’ve gone up the career ladder, there are still experiences that will scare you and render you feeling pretty much the opposite of confident!

last weekend we went to see bedtime stories.  in contrast to jim carey, i like all of adam sandlers movies.

bedtime stories was pretty subdued but still a good watch.

after the movie we went to try kenny roasters at the power plant.

wait a sec, its not like we’ve never eaten kenny’s before, in fact it used to be a staple when makati was our “unwind place” back in college (talk about history!), but ive always been intrigued with kenny’s at power plant because, well, it looks different from the line up and order kenny’s and the menu sported some new dishes.

kenny's roaster and grill power plant

kenny's roaster and grill power plant


the crew was pretty busy but we were seated right away and our orders taken as soon as we were ready.

as we waited for our orders they us served corn bread

kennys-2this tasted just like the corn muffins of the original kenny rogers roasters but in a different shape.

our seafood chowder came first


kenny's seafood chowder

i liked this creamy concoction especially because the chef was not stingy with the seafood. there were clams, shrimps and fish fillet pieces among others.

my philly cheese steak sandwich was served next

kenny's philly cheese steak sandwich

kenny's philly cheese steak sandwich

the meat was pretty good, it was cut thinly with just the right amount of fat. i did however wish there were more cheese and that the bread was not whole wheat. it didnt really go well.

the chips were however crispy good.

kenny's freshly fried chips

kenny's freshly fried chips

their chips are supposedly made fresh.

hubby’s order of lamb came next

kenny's grilled lamb

kenny's grilled lamb

it was a good subject for my LX3 but we had better tasting lamb. maybe we should have just stuck to the place’s specialty (chicken!)

despite some disappointments in our ordered dishes, we did however enjoy their service.  the head waiter eagerly attended to our needs and seemed like he was on top of everything, a far cry from “across the counter service” of the original restaurant.

so kudos to kenny’s roast and grill!  a few tweaks in the non chicken dishes would definitely be added asset!

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