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Solo Food Adventure: Sashimi & Sushi Craving

I was craving for sashimi as well as sushi, and i knew just where to get it
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Dining Out Alone

I’ve never had trouble eating alone in public. Maybe it has something to do with being an only child for a long time… but i really don’t feel the need to have someone beside me to blend in with the dining crowd. This comes in handy when hubby goes out of town…

These are my favorite dining alone spots of the week:
(documented by my htc desire -forgive the lack of clarity and focus in some of the photos)

Breakfast at Cafe Breton

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Sweet Broth on a Rainy Day

it was raining cats and dogs on a sunday and i could not think of anything better than a hot delicious soup to chase away the blues on such a gloomy day so we headed to kuretake

the taller than usual hot tea glass gave a warm welcome to one of my favorite japanese restaurant

we ordered the sukiyaki teishoku to satisfy my warm soupy craving

i just love this dish! the sweet broth, the tender beef, the soft butter like tofu and my favorite mushroom! yuuum!

i also love the fact that they let the diners mix the egg into the soup themselves

because as we all know i like egg dishes a little undercooked so plopping it in just as its about to be eaten is the way to go

the teishoku comes with a bowl of japanese rice, tiny bowls of japanese spices and mushrooms, a plate of sashimi

and chawan mushi

which just happens to be one of my favorite appetizer

the slices of sashimi included in the teishoku was not enough for us so we ordered another plate of assorted sashimi which had a couple of pieces of baby octopus, ika, maguro


and of course my favorite salmon

and uni!
wow, this was particularly a treat because i dont get to eat this very often. the soft buttery flavor just melts in your mouth!

a delicious warm soup to chase the rainy gloom away…

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