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When it Rains it Pours

Wow, those rain drops are certainly coming down like there’s no tomorrow!

tonight, after braving the grumpy weather, i came home to a tortang talong dinner (fried eggplant with ground beef). i love this with good old ketchup, much like i do most fried dishes. but tonight, hubby and i tried mixing our plain tomato ketchup with some chili sauce

we found this on the shelves of the Asian section of the grocery and hubby took an interest right away

it was as we expected, its the kind that you mix in soysauce when you want to dip you dimsum in something hot!  and it makes a delicious condiment mixed with your good old tomato ketchup!

When it rains it pours its good to eat something hot!


June 4, 2009 Posted by | Gastronomic experience | , , | 5 Comments

Favorite Meal of the Day

i just love breakfast!

it must be because our mom never let us out of the house when we were small unless we ate our breakfast. now, hubby’s home is not fond of morning meals as everyone just seem to rush out in the morning. so when we got married, it was a tug of war whether to eat before leaving or not. but because hubby is mr grumpy early on in the day, weekdays are packed breakfast but weekends are according to my preference.


early morning meals are never complete without eggs

sausages and hash browns are great with my favorite condiments of ketchup and mustard


and of course my favorite cup of coffee or hot chocolate


i do love breakfast!  there’s nothing better than a good meal to start your day!

what’s your favorite meal of the day?!

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